A VW Crafter for building maintenance

A crafter with protective liners, racking and accessories

The Volkswagen Crafter presented on this page is operated by a firm that specialises in rented building maintenance. The work involved can be varied, from minor repairs to walls and floors to the replacement of parts, painting and thorough cleaning.  To complete all these jobs in a professional manner, this van needed to have a large number of storage compartments for all the materials required, and needed to keep everything well organised and instantly accessible to cut unproductive time to a minimum.

The VW Crafter’s complete lining system

First of all, the vehicle was fitted with protective liners covering 100% of the cargo compartment.  The floor and bulkhead were lined in plywood with a marble-look surface, while the customer chose painted steel panels for the walls, doors and roof. The decision to line the inside of the van’s roof was motivated by the benefits offered by extending protection to this area: 
  • a more uniform and brighter interior 
  • the ability to clean off splashes of paint, adhesive and dirt more easily
  • a perfectly flat surface for the LED ceiling lights that uniformly illuminate the van’s interior. 

Everything in order thanks to the VW Crafter’s enclosed racking

Given the large number of tools and equipment of all kinds that the customer needs to carry, this racking system was designed with storage capacity and order in mind.  This approach explains the presence of the following racking elements in this VW Crafter for building maintenance: 
  • On the left. Two lockable, double-door lockers, the interior of which can be fully customised to meet the user’s needs. Three floor-level compartments, all enclosed by doors, with the taller central one fitted with a lift-and-rotate door for unrestricted access. Additional enclosed storage is provided by a series of metal drawers in various sizes and a number of shelves with doors. Then there are two shelves of removable plastic containers and a top tray running the full length of the wall for particularly long items.
  • On the right. The racking on this side consists of a large floor-level compartment with a lift-up top door and a lift-and-rotate bottom door, six drawers, and two shelves with dividers and non-slip mats, one open, the other with a lift-up door. At the top of the racking are four transparent container cabinets, three with large tilting containers and one with smaller, pull-out containers. The end of the racking at the side door is fitted with a cabinet of six tilting transparent containers of reduced depth to avoid restricting access to the van.  

Transparent containers for small items in the Crafter

Shelves, drawers and open or enclosed compartments are ideal for transporting tools, equipment and consumables in perfect order.  Syncro’s transparent containers, on the other hand, are designed to hold small objects like spare parts, nuts, bolts, washers and the like. The great advantage of these containers is that they are completely transparent. You can always see exactly what – and how much – is inside, meaning no more nasty surprises when you find you’ve run out of an essential spare part half way through a job, and no more time wasted searching for the part you need!

The Crafter’s accessories 

Adding useful accessories to a racking system makes all the difference to your van’s functionality. This Crafter proves the point. So let’s take a closer look at the accessories in this van! 
  • The bar and strap with sliding attachments at the bottom of the left racking is perfect for holding empty paint buckets but can secure any type of load simply by adjusting the position and length of the strap to suit. 
  • Similar functionality is provided at the bottom of the bulkhead. Another bar and strap system turns this area into versatile space for securing bulky materials and items of cargo. 
  • Various accessories are fitted to the left and right racking and to the rear doors: spray can racks, silicone cartridge racks with nozzle holes, and multi-purpose metal pockets. 
  • To ensure cleanliness and hygiene on board, Syncro has added a paper roll holder and a handwash kit consisting of a plastic water tank with tap and a soap dispenser for sanitising detergent. 
Interested in seeing other Syncro racking systems for the Volkswagen Crafter? Have a look at this page and the pages linked from it!





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