A Caddy equipped for carrying cleaning machines

A small van for delivering and servicing cleaning machines

Especially in the case of small vans, racking solutions must be carefully designed to fulfil all the necessary functions without impeding access to the vehicle or obstructing the loading and unloading of bulky materials and equipment. In the Volkswagen Caddy illustrated on this page, this objective was achieved by distributing racking along both side walls but fitting only shallow cabinets on the right and leaving the bulkhead free. The owner of this van specialises in transporting industrial cleaning machines and servicing them at his clients’ premises. He therefore needed to keep a large area of floor free in the centre of the van while also having enough closed spaces to carrying all his tools, spares and sundries.

Liners for the Caddy used to carry cleaning machines

As always, the first step in this Syncro System racking project was to protect the interior of the van against dents and scratches. The owner of this Caddy chose only to protect the floor and selected a plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface. Of course, had he wished, he could also have had custom-shaped and pre-drilled wall, door, bulkhead and roof liners installed too.

Racking on the left of the Caddy

The racking on the left of this VW Caddy for cleaning machines consists of three sections:

  • a floor-level compartment with a full-access door designed to turn the otherwise awkward space around the wheel arch into practical storage
  • four metal drawers, two large and two small, with release mechanisms built into the handles, non-slip mats and metal partitions
  • two configurable shelves at the top of the column. The lower of these shelves is fitted with a back panel to increase capacity, and can be divided into different compartments using space dividers.

Racking on the right of the Caddy

As mentioned above, the racking on the right of this Caddy is not as deep as that on the left. This leaves extra floor space in the centre of the van. Here too we have a floor-level compartment with a door, though smaller than that on the left. Further up there are four rows of pull-out transparent containers, arranged vertically to give a total of 18 containers and to let you see exactly what is inside. A plain shelf with space dividers and a non-slip mat is found at the top of the column.

So much potential in so little space

The racking system installed in this Volkswagen Caddy is quite simple, but can easily be extended and made more functional by installing additional elements and accessories in future. Want to know how?

Are you in search of a racking system for your van?

For Syncro, every van is unique: in addition to the obvious differences of make and model, the ideal racking solution also depends on the work the owner does and on how he wants to organise the interior. Syncro Ultra racking is fully customisable, so don’t wait! If you have bought a Caddy and the solution illustrated on this page seems interesting, show it to the Syncro team as a starting point and tell them how to make it better.

If you too work with cleaning machines but don’t own a Caddy, take a look at this other racking solution.

Or, if you do have a Caddy but would like to consider other racking and accessory combinations, then start here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your van into a great working companion and save time and money in the process. Call Syncro now!





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