New video about Syncro's Ultrasilent profile

“Ultrasilent” is the name of the revolutionary new profile developed by Syncro System to reduce the noise and vibration caused by roof racks. This video shows how the system works.

The video provides a detailed explanation of the scientific principle behind the development of Syncro System’s exclusive, noise-reducing ULTRASILENT profiles. When cross-bars are fitted to the roof of a van, the noise and vibration that prove so annoying to the driver and passengers are caused by a phenomenon known scientifically as a Von Karman vortex street. Armed with this knowledge, Syncro System’s R&D department focused on finding a solution. The answer is both simple and extremely effective and consists of a thin, lightweight profile installed under the first (front) cross-bar of the roof rack. The profile features as a series of “ridges” that prevent air passing between the cross-bar and the van roof from creating the turbulence (the Von Karman vortex street) that causes pressure to fluctuate around the cross-bar, generating vibration and noise.
Tests carried out by Syncro have shown that the Ultrasilent system produces a further reduction* of 50% in roof rack noise!
From now on, all cross-bars and roof racks installed by Syncro System, whatever the make and model of van, will be equipped with Ultrasilent profiles in place of the previous Ultrasilent profiles. *The previous Ultrasilent system was patented by Syncro System and was upgraded from year to year to improve driver comfort in vans fitted with a Syncro System roof transport system.