Syncro System’s most popular accessories

What accessories do you need most in your van?

Syncro accessories extend and improve the functionality of any working van: they hold tools and materials securely in place, illuminate work areas, ensure ventilation and make essential cleaning operations possible.

Serving all these applications means not just offering a vast range of accessories but helping customers choose the ones that best suit their needs. The Syncro catalogue contains hundreds of different accessories, but over the years customers have clearly identified which ones they consider indispensable. So here are the eight best-sellers that nearly everybody has or has had in their vans:

1. LED lights

2. Lashing straps

3. Hooks

4. Cleaning accessories

5. First aid kits

6. Security locks

7. Ventilation grilles

8. Vices

1. More light = more precise work in less time

Adequate lighting inside and outside your van is essential. In conditions of low natural light and in difficult logistic situations, to work safely and accurately you must have a reliable, autonomous light source that you can turn on and off as you need.

The Syncro catalogue offers a wide range of solutions, but customers have shown a clear preference for our 11 and 20 W Slim LED ceiling lights. Though different in size, luminosity and consumption, both these models take up very little space, use very little energy for the light they produce and are powered by a 12V electrical system, and therefore directly from your van’s own battery. Once attached to the vehicle’s roof, they ensure uniform illumination throughout the cargo compartment. These lights are now also available in 45 degree versions that attach to the sides of the roof cross members and therefore do not reduce headroom inside the van!

2. Everybody wants Syncro lashing straps for 100% security

Lashing straps are a classic accessory for securing all kinds of cargo. Syncro offers a wide range of models including heavy duty straps for loads of up to 400 kg (DIN EN 12 195-2), complete with buckles or ratchet tensioners for use with hooks and anchor rings. Straps can safely secure loads of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest, and effectively prevent cargo from sliding around and damaging the van or injuring the driver or passengers.

3. Small or large, fixed or adjustable, hooks are another ‘must have’ in your van

Along with lashing straps, hooks are another of our best selling cargo retaining accessories. Syncro offers a particularly wide range:

  • steel hooks for rail mounting
  • hooks with quick-release straps for use with small items
  • swivelling hooks
  • hanging garment hooks
  • sliding and telescopic hooks for use with Syncroblock bars
  • multi-purpose hooks
  • hooks with ring attachments for with Airline rail
  • plastic and steel hooks for use in square side panel holes
  • steel hooks with elastic and rubber inserts

4. Paper roll holders and handwash kits: installed in nearly all vans

Syncro cleaning accessories make it so easy to clean hands and tools on site, greatly improving hygiene at work. Which ones are the most popular?

Our paper roll holders, which come in two sizes with or without rain covers, our 10-litre water containers with tap and mounting frame and our practical soap dispensers, often installed alongside a water container for maximum convenience.

5. Safety first with a Syncro first aid kit

These compact, red first aid cases contain complete first aid kits. They can be installed anywhere inside your van, on a racking side panel using the square holes provided, on one of the van’s walls, on a door or even on the bulkhead. These kits are a legal requirement to comply with safety legislation.

6. Van locks for greater security

A van full of valuable equipment, tools and spare parts can be an extremely tempting target for thieves, who may break in to steal the most expensive items. That is why many Syncro System customers ask us to fit security locks on their van’s doors. This small investment acts as an effective deterrent! Syncro offers a choice of four models: UFO, UFO 3, UFO 3 Comfort and the ergonomic SATURN EVO.

7. Inside your van, safety also means ventilation

Van cargo compartments often require ventilation, especially if the cargo includes items like gas cylinders, combustible fuel oils and other potentially hazardous or explosive materials. Syncro again offers a range of solutions but the one most popular with customers is the steel ventilation grille, which can be installed in your van’s walls or doors and which can also be combined with floor or roof vents.

8. Vices: essential for all repair jobs

Any tradesman who works on site knows that a vice is essential in order to carry out repairs, servicing and adjustments. Our forged steel vices are particularly popular, and are generally combined with a pull-out or fold-away vice bench with patented extension mechanism, or with a plywood work surface.

Have you drawn up a list of ‘must haves’?

If you have not already done so, we recommend that you start now.

  • First of all, list the things you will be carrying in your van and how often you will need to access all your tools and materials.
  • Next make a list of the most frequent tasks that you need to perform over the course of a working day.
  • Imagine that you are working on site in the worst possible conditions and make a list of all the items that could be of use.
  • Finally, book a free consultation with a Syncro expert to find the accessories that best meet your own needs!





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