An Opel Movano for a heating engineer and plumber

The Opel Movano featured in this photo gallery was fitted out to meet the needs of a plumber and heating system installer. Particularly worth noting are the van’s effective lining system, its many accessories and the way in which elements of different depth align at the front while following the contours of the van’s side walls – something made possible by the amazing flexibility of the Syncro Ultra system..

Effective lining = extended life for your van

Fitting top-quality liners in your van’s cargo compartment keeps it in tip-top conditions for years to come by preventing the sort of bodywork damage caused by falling objects, wear and tear, damp and spillages of oils and other liquids. The floor and bulkhead of this Opel Movano are protected by plywood liners with a marble-look surface. The walls and doors are protected by painted steel bodywork liners. This lining system not only improves the strength of the floor and walls but greatly improves the appearance of the van’s interior too. When a van’s walls are protected in this way, the racking can be anchored directly to the liners, leaving the original body panels and profiles untouched. Then, if the racking is transferred to another vehicle later, the van’s bodywork is left looking brand new.

The Movano’s left side

The racking along the left of the van consists of four configurable shelves with non-slip mats and space dividers, and four open shelves, the bottom two of which are fitted with adapters for Euronorm containers. As you can see from these photos, shallow Euronorm containers can be stacked one on another in the shelf. The floor-level compartments have been left free for the moment and are ideal for stowing all sorts of material and equipment. They can be fitted with lashing straps at any time to transport cargo more securely.

The right of the plumber’s Movano

The right of the van features a variety of racking elements:
  • two small floor-level compartments
  • one open shelf with its edges facing down
  • a set of metal drawers, of different sizes
  • two configurable shelves
  • an open shelf at the top


The bulkhead has been left free of racking as such and fitted with retaining accessories for carrying cargo or materials.

Accessories for all needs

This Opel Movano, which Syncro System fitted out for a plumber and heating installer, is equipped with various accessories to achieve maximum functionality and efficiency. A fold-away vice bench complete with support, ideal as a sturdy work top for minor repairs and adjustments. The bench is extremely easy to set up and fold away, and takes up very little room when stowed. Cable holders, and milled rails for hooks, rings and straps. Four multi-purpose pockets, including two in the narrow space between the left racking and the bulkhead – a great way to make use of an awkward space. A first aid cabinet. Three spray can racks near the rear doors. A silicone cartridge rack with holes for nozzles, a practical accessory for those who uses a lot of silicone. A paper roll holder, an indispensable accessory for anybody working away from base as it provides a ready supply of paper for cleaning hands and tools whenever needed. Ultra-low energy LED ceiling lights for uniform illumination inside the van.

Want to see other racking solutions for the Movano? Take a look here and follow the links too. If you don’t have a Movano but you are a plumber or heating installer, take a look at these racking solutions: Boxer Jumper Transporter NV300 Expert





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