Racking for door and gate installers

A travelling workshop for door and gate installers

Front doors and gates can be rustic or modern, classical or essential in style, and made from wood, steel and even modern materials like PVC and Corten. They are the first thing you see in a home and one of the most characteristic elements of any building. Consumers have literally hundreds of different models to choose from and a large number of manufacturers specialise in one or more types. In the case of wood doors, specialist carpenters or fitters able to work in wood are needed to install them. Gates in steel or other metals require tradesmen with welding and metalworking skills. And if you choose a model in PVC, you’ll need to refer installation to a technician with experience in working with that kind of material. Whatever the material, in order to do a perfect job, the installer will need to pay one or more visits to the house or installation site, first to take all the necessary measurements and see how to integrate the product into its surroundings and then to perform the actual installation work. With this in mind, it is clear that any tradesman specialising in installing doors, windows and gates will need a van to get around. On top of this, the van will have to be large enough to carry not only a full size door or gate itself but also all the tools and instruments needed to take measurements, complete installation work and, if necessary, make minor adjustments on site. Syncro System, the leading player in the production and installation of van racking and accessories also caters for door and gate installers, and offers them the chance to transform their vans into effective mobile workshops, with customised storage designed to optimise efficiency and practicality inside the van body.

Syncro System supplies modular upfits for all models of van

The Syncro Group’s modular racking concept allows van users to choose storage (drawer units, cabinets, work benches, shelving, etc.) in exactly the configuration they need to make full use of the load compartment. Syncro racking is therefore the perfect answer to the needs of door and gate installers. Versatility, efficiency, practicality and a high level of customisation are the key strengths of Syncro racking systems. Syncro can transform any van (whatever the make and model) and simplify the working life of all professionals whose work demands mobility. Carpenters, metal fabricators and door, window and gate installers are sure to find a solution that matches their own special needs. Syncro racking systems also deliver a practical benefit: a tidy van interior with all the storage compartments, drawers, cabinets, straps and shelves needed to carry power drills and screw drivers, hammers and saws, nuts and bolts, nails, assorted hardware and all the other tools and materials necessary to fit and repair doors and gates.

A practical example of a travelling workshop for installing doors and gates

First of all, a mobile workshop for door and gate installers needs to be large enough to carry the finished products to their place of installation. Next, it needs to be equipped with lightweight and durable storage accessories and lashing systems for securing and immobilising heavy doors and gates during transport. The Renault Master illustrated above is a good example of a mobile workshop fitted out to transport tools and accessories in an orderly fashion without taking up too much of the floor space needed to carry the products themselves. Along the left side we can see two sections of storage consisting of wheel arch cabinets, a metal drawer unit, a cabinet for carrying plastic component cases and a set of shelves. The right wall is fitted with a unit of transparent drawers for small items. This unit is of particularly limited depth and leaves plenty of free floor space inside the van. Finally, the bulkhead has been fitted with an aluminium rail and two adjustable, multi-purpose hooks: a lightweight but safe solution for securing doors and gates during transport. As always, before starting the upfit as such, Syncro’s installers reinforced the interior of the van’s body, covering the floor with a panel of non-slip, marine grade plywood and lining the side walls with pre-formed and pre-drilled panels to eliminate the risk of scratches and dents.





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