Upfit Syncro for boiler technicians

Custom upfits for boiler and burner technicians from Syncro System

In this age of high tech heating systems, the work of the boiler technician demands precision, know-how and technical skills as well as continuous training on rapidly evolving products. Modern boilers must not only satisfy our need for comfort and warmth but must also be environmentally compatible and guarantee the highest standards of safety. That is why boiler and burner technicians are constantly in demand not only to install new boilers (wood, gas, pellet and oil fuelled), but to maintain existing ones and ensure their correct functioning through regular checks and adjustments. Just like electricians, plumbers, radio and TV engineers and many other categories, boiler installation and service technicians are constantly on the move. And because they need to visit different homes and offices every day, they need a van large enough to hold all the parts, tools and materials necessary for their work. Syncro System, the leader in the production and installation of van upfits, offers custom upfits for all makes and models of van, especially with boiler technicians in mind. Technical staff at Syncro System installation centres can optimise and organise all available space in your van using shelf and drawer units along with container systems and storage compartments to allow you to transport all the material you need in perfect order and total safety. And don’t forget that a tidy storage system can save you a lot of time you would otherwise spend rummaging through piles of assorted parts to find that one you need.

Syncro has upfitted the load compartment of a Ford Connect as a boiler technician’s mobile workshop.

One of the strong points of Syncro’s modular upfit system is its tremendous versatility. Syncro upfit elements can be installed in vans of all makes, models and dimensions. Cabinets and accessories can also be combined in a wide variety of ways to suit your needs and to create a fully customised mobile workshop. The photos shown above illustrate a Ford Connect upfitted as a travelling workshop for a boiler technician. In this upfit, the two side walls have been equipped with almost identical combinations. Let’s examine the upfit from the bottom up. Both sides start with wheel arch cabinets with metal doors, ideal for storing pipes and other long objects. The next sections up consist of large metal drawer units with different sizes of drawers. Finally, the top sections provide shelving organised by dividers to create perfect storage for items like screwdrivers, pliers, multi-testers, etc.. As always, before starting the upfit as such, Syncro’s technicians reinforced and protected the Connect’s interior with made to measure side and door linings and a robust plywood floor.

This upfit for boiler technicians, complete with underfloor drawers, has turned a Fiorino into a mobile workshop.

Annual boiler services involve the cleaning of the boiler itself and inspection of the flue. A vacuum cleaner and a compressor are therefore two essential items of equipment for any boiler and burner service technician, and both are bulky machines that take up a lot of space inside a van. Thanks to the ingenuity of Syncro System’s upfitters, however, even a small van like the Fiorino can carry them with ease. Just look at the photos above to see how Syncro System’s modular upfit design has practically doubled the van’s load carrying area. Underfloor drawer unit exploits the volume of the load compartment to the full. Underfloor units are ideal for installing drawers and shelves in small commercial vehicles without restricting available floor area. The underfloor area in the Fiorino shown above has been fitted with two large metal drawers for storing expensive tools where potential thieves cannot see them. The drawer units are covered by a sheet of marine grade plywood that acts as a second load surface. In this case, the van has also been upfitted with shelves of polypropylene containers and a cabinet of transparent drawers, but there is still enough room to carry a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, a compressor and, if necessary, a ladder. Roof mounted racks and holders can also be fitted to carry pipes and ladders. Syncro System roof racks can be installed in next to no time and guarantee silent and safe transport.

Syncro’s installation centres offer customised solutions to all your upfit needs.

The Syncro System Group has been making and installing custom upfits for commercial vehicles for almost twenty years to keep electricians, plumbers, heating engineers, door and window technicians, travelling salesmen and all working professionals on the move. Syncro System has installation centres throughout Italy and in various countries in Europe and around the world. Call in your nearest centre to ask for a free estimate and custom upfit proposal for your van.





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