Racking for structured cabling technicians

A van for structured cabling technicians

The installation of cabling has become an essential aspect of modern construction work, especially in the case of office buildings. Cabling technicians also have to install ducting, sockets and connectors for electrical appliances, external mains power connections, telephone switching systems, communication network connections, user terminals and computers, and the routers and gateways needed to connect to the internet. The installation of structure (cables, connectors, switches, etc.) and infrastructure (wall, floor and ceiling channels, distribution cabinets, switching panels, etc.) in a cabling system is the job of specialist technicians with a thorough understanding of electrotechnics and information and communication technology. The job always has to be done inside buildings and a great deal of materials and equipment must always be to hand. To get around and to optimise the efficiency of their work, structured cabling technicians therefore need a commercial vehicle fitted out as a mobile store and workshop. These photos show a van fitted out by Syncro System for a company that specialises in structured cabling installations. It’s easy to see that the customer’s main requirement was to make the most of the space available. The van is a small model and storage has been installed only on one side, leaving the rest of the load compartment free to carry bulky materials and large items of equipment. Let’s have a closer look!

Racking for structured cabling technicians: a practical example

This van, operated by structured cabling installers has had a compact, super-functional configuration of cabinets fitted only on the left side. At the bottom we can see two wheel arch units. The one nearest the rear has a door while the other is open and fitted with a shuttle clamp to serve as a multi-purpose tool-case cabinet. Further up is a drawer unit containing a number of metal drawers as well as metal component cases. Component cases provide the perfect solution for storing the tools, hardware and accessories that have to be carried around the work site, while the drawers are ideal for holding items that can be left on the van and used only when needed. A cabinet with two shelves has been installed alongside the drawers to complete the “storage” section of the upfit. The top level, just under to vehicle’s roof, consists of a full-length tray for carrying cable channels and other long items. An essential accessory for any van used by cabling installers – a cable holder – has been installed at the rear of the cabinets. No storage cabinets have been installed on the right side of the van. Instead the space has been utilised for a bar and strap cargo lashing system. The interior of the load compartment is illuminated by a powerful but compact, 20 Watt cold light LED ceiling lamp.

How to extend the load capacity and functionality of a cabling technician’s van

Syncro’s storage systems can be configured in an almost infinite number of ways. Thanks to the modular design of the cabinets and the versatility of the accessories, even diametrically opposite needs can be satisfied in full. In this particular case more storage space could have been obtained inside the load compartment by installing underfloor drawers, a highly popular solution for small vans. This simple but smart idea provides extra storage without reducing the length or width of the van’s floor, and includes a practical, flat floor over the drawers themselves. The roof can be used to carry cargo too. Syncro System offers a number of solutions for carrying materials on the roof, ranging from simple roof bars to dedicated ladder racks and transport tubes for piping and cable channels. Syncro roof racks can be customised for any model of van and are made using Syncro’s patented Ultrasilent roof bars that are specially designed to minimise wind noise and vibration and maximise aerodynamic efficiency when the van is on the move.





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