A Jumpy equipped for a medical equipment service

Irrespective of make, model, use and cost, all van racking systems need to satisfy three fundamental requirements. Racking must be able to improve:
  • the safety of the vehicle and its users
  • the orderly arrangement of material on board
  • the efficiency of the work it is used for
  • There is almost no limit to the ways these three results can be achieved. On this page we can see a Citroen Jumpy with a Syncro Ultra racking solution for a company that installs and services medical and electromedical equipment for hospitals, care homes and domestic users. If any aspect of this straightforward racking system corresponds to your own needs, carry on reading. If you are looking for something different for your Jumpy, browse our other racking solutions, starting on this page.

    Basic protection for the Citroen Jumpy

    As always happens, the Syncro System team recommended the owner of this van to protect its interior with custom-made liners. Installing liners is not just a question of looks. On the contrary, lining your van’s interior extends its working life by protecting it against dents and scratches. The owner of this particular Jumpy chose to protect only the floor, and opted for a marble-look plywood floor liner. For other forms of bodywork protection for your Jumpy, including door, wall and bulkhead liners,look here.

    The right and left side walls: same racking for maximum versatility

    The racking on the left and right of this Jumpy is virtually identical. The only difference is determined by the space available, which is limited by the side door on the right. This solution is extremely versatile as each shelf or drawer can be used for spares, accessories, tools or small parts exactly as needed. Starting from the bottom, we can see:
  • A floor-level compartment with a lift-up door that turns the awkward space over the wheel arch into a practical storage compartment, large enough to carry even bulky items. By hiding and holding everything inside, the door helps optimise tidiness and order inside the van.
  • Pull-out trays with generous metal cases, ideal for carrying power tools like drills and screw drivers.
  • Metal drawers that can be pulled all the way out on ball-bearing runners, complete with non-slip mats and internal space dividers. An automatic latch mechanism holds the drawers shut when closed.
  • At the top, practical and easily accessible shelves that can be configured into separate compartment using dividers or used as one large storage space.
  • Maximising potential: accessories and roof racks

    This Jumpy has not been fitted with accessories – at least not yet. The Syncro System catalogue includes a vast range of products for all kinds of needs. Everything from cleaning accessories like paper roll holders, handwash kits and dry wipes to accessories for lighting, security or ventilation of the cargo compartment. Cargo retaining accessories are the most popular of all kinds. They come in many different types and sizes and can be added to the racking installation at any time. They can be fixed to racking side panels, wall liners or even directly to the van’s body, and can be used to secure cargo and equipment of all shapes and sizes. One of the key advantages of the Ultra racking system with its perforated side panels is that accessories can be positioned and moved as needed, at the height and location best suited to your needs. And if you still need more carrying capacity, there’s always the roof! Syncro System can supply and fit a wide range of van roof bars, roof racks, pipe carriers and ladder racks.





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