Racking for airport maintenance services

Van racking for airport maintenance services

Airports are complex and highly structured organisations. To guarantee the safety of personnel and users, maintenance operations have to be performed according to strict schedules and only specified materials used to avoid malfunctions and failures. In Italy, for example, an Airport Maintenance Authority acts as interface between ENAC (the Italian Civil Aviation Authority) and individual airports to ensure that all airports reach and guarantee the same high standards. In many of its maintenance reports, the Authority compares airports to cities of tens of thousands of inhabitants, with all the necessary systems: infrastructure, police, electrical energy generation, toilets and sanitary services, bars, restaurants, shops, pharmacies and offices. The job of the airport’s maintenance personnel is to make sure that all this functions perfectly! To move around the “airport-city”, the teams responsible for maintaining the various indoor and outdoor systems use vans equipped with everything they need to do their jobs. The photos below illustrate an example of a commercial vehicle with a customised Syncro System upfit for indoor and runway light maintenance at Venice international airport. Let’s have a closer look at the storage units and accessories installed inside.

A large van for airport maintenance with Syncro System linings and racking

The van chosen by this customer to deliver airport maintenance services is a large, high roof model. Before the installation work as such began, the load compartment was lined with a non-slip resinated plywood panel on the floor and pre-painted metal panels on the walls and on the bottoms of the doors. Let’s look closer at the storage units.
  • The left side wall is fitted with a drawer unit with 15 metal drawers. Drawer dimensions were chosen to suit the size of the items carried. These include cylindrically shaped runway lights that obviously need to be protected against impact and prevented from rolling around. This objective was achieved by using drawers of exactly the right size and by fitting mats in special anti-slip material inside them. The drawer unit stands on two enclosed wheel arch cabinets. At the top, a tray provides storage for long objects, which can be removed from the rear.
  • The bulkhead is fitted with a work bench, made from resinated plywood with raised edges to stop items falling off. The worktop stands on a four piece drawer unit. Underneath, a closed wheel arch cabinet provides additional storage for hand and power tools. Over the workbench, within easy reach of the operator, we also have a series of transparent plastic drawers for spare parts and sundries.
  • The right side wall is configured in a similar manner to the left wall, with a series of metal drawers, various levels of shelving and a long tray at the top. The configuration on the right differs from that on the left in the provision of a compartment for a compressor, an essential item of equipment for this van.

A commercial vehicle fitted out for airport maintenance technicians: special equipment

To make this airport maintenance van really efficient, Syncro System’s installers have complemented the “standard” storage units with a complete electricity and compressed air generation system. This silent-running system is formed by a powerful compressor-generator complete with batteries and reels. Complete autonomy is essential in the airport maintenance context, especially in the case of operations along the runway. The van is therefore fitted with a range of basic accessories: a cable holder, a fire extinguisher bracket, a first aid kit, a folding ladder, a vice with pull-out support and, on one of the rear doors, a holder for rolls of paper, essential for wiping hands and cleaning tools.





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