A racking solution with roof rack for a plumber’s Ducato

A simple but complete racking solution for a plumber

This Ducato clearly shows how a racking system can be both simple and provide all the storage needed in a van. The vehicle in question is a Ducato L2 H1 owned by a plumber, so all the solutions adopted by Syncro (in close collaboration with the customer) aim to satisfy the needs of this profession. The van is equipped with:
  • tough and easy-to-clean liners on the floor, walls and doors ;
  • plenty of open shelves plus a number of removable containers and different ways to carry tool cases;
  • a compact vice bench that provides a generous and stable work surface once folded out;
  • various cargo retaining accessories for versatile transport;
  • and, finally, a roof rack with a ladder slide and pipe carrier
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    Shelves and containers for carrying a large stock of parts

    The first stage in the conversion of this plumber’s Ducato saw the Syncro team fitting liners to protect all the interior surfaces exposed to wear and damage. The floor was covered with a plywood liner with a marble-look surface while the walls and doors were protected using painted steel liners. Left side wall The racking on this side of the van consists of:
  • a floor-level compartment with a door
  • a tool case compartment with a strap and sliding attachment, a great way to secure tool and component cases of all shapes and sizes
  • a set of shelves with anti-slip mats and movable, removable internal space dividers
  • two special, pull-out case trays mounted on the same type of ball-bearing runners as standard Syncro drawers
  • one shelf of removable plastic containers
  • a full-length top tray with an access door at the rear
  • accessories, including a bar rack with strap and a first aid case.
  • Right side wall The racking configuration on this side is smaller to leave room for the side door, and comprises:
  • three configurable shelves
  • two shelves of removable plastic containers
  • a steel vice on a fold-way bench: this type of bench is extremely strong and, once opened out and secured, provides an excellent work surface for small maintenance and repair jobs
  • a paper roll holder for basic hand and tool cleaning away from base
  • Cargo retaining accessories: indispensable additions

    The van’s bulkhead is fitted with two bars with sliding fittings, one at the top of the bulkhead and one at the bottom. These bars can form the basis for all kinds of cargo retaining systems and are must-haves if you want maximum flexibility for carrying equipment, spares and materials in your Ducato. In this case, the top bar is fitted with three movable and adjustable hooks while the bottom one is equipped with sliding fittings and a lashing strap.

    The roof: how to exploit this valuable space

    Its roof equipment makes this Ducato racking solution even more practical. The van has been fitted with a roof rack with rear loading roller, a single-slide ladder rack and a pipe carrier. These two accessories are particularly important for plumbers, as they provide safe transport for awkward items like ladders, pipes and cable channels without cluttering up the inside of the van.

    Interested in other racking solutions for plumbers? Take a look here and here. If you want an overview of racking solutions for the Ducato, start here and scroll through the menu on the left.





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