Upfit Syncro for alarm system technicians

Security is of primary importance, so Syncro System is delighted to upfit vans as mobile workshops for alarm system installers.

If you don’t want to be burgled or receive unwelcome visitors, or if you want to protect your home or business against break-ins and theft, the only thing to do is get a good alarm system installed. Modern alarm systems can be perimetric of volumetric, cabled or wireless, mixed or integrated, according to the characteristics of the building and the needs of the owners. Because alarm systems are so complex, they have to be configured, activated and tested by specialist companies and technicians who generally also design, install, certify and service them. Because most work of this kind has to be performed at the customer’s premises, professional alarm technicians need vans to move around and to store their tools and materials, such as cables, electrical components, electronic devices, sensors, video cameras, sirens, monitors and everything else useful in keeping criminals at bay. Given the vast number of components involved in installing an alarm system, the ability to keep everything in order inside the van represents a major benefit for the technician. Orderly storage systems avoid having to waste time hunting through piles of assorted parts. They also optimise available space and allow cargo to be carried in complete safety with no risk of damage or breakage. For nearly twenty years, Syncro System van upfits have meant quality and efficiency for tradesmen, technicians, installer and professionals on the move. Any van load compartment can be converted, in very little time and with very little cost, into a superbly organised working space, equipped with customised storage and accessories and even a work bench for small jobs and repairs. The modular design of Syncro System upfits lets you create a personalised configuration with dedicated modules that can even be swapped in and out if your needs change over time.

A modular system for specific solutions

If you work with alarm systems, you inevitably deal with lots of electrical and electronic equipment, so you need a well organised mobile workshop with plenty of different size containers for keeping control boards and components separate and in order. You also need a way to carry rolls of cable and extensions and a system for storing delicate or expensive items in closed drawers, cabinets or compartments. Before any van is upfitted with custom units and accessories at a specialist Syncro System installation centre, the inside of the load compartment is always lined with protective panels. Pre-painted steel, polypropylene or aluminium panels are fitted on the side walls, bulkhead and doors, safety grilles on the windows and sheets of plywood or aluminium tread plate laid over the floor to increase rigidity and strength. Good quality linings form the basis for any mobile workshop as they not only protect the vehicle against scratches and dents caused by shifting or falling cargo but also facilitate the installation of shelves, drawers, cabinets and other Syncro System modules.

This example: a Fiat Fiorino upfitted as a travelling workshop for an alarm system technician

The Fiorino Fiat captured in the photos above is an excellent example of an upfit for alarm system installers. Despite the limited size of the model in question, the clever arrangement of upfit modules and accessories chosen by Syncro’s technicians makes full use of every inch of available space. After being strengthened and lined with a marine grade plywood floor and custom side panels, the vehicle was equipped on both sides with two identical blocks of modules consisting of an open wheel arch cabinet with straps for securing cargo and materials, two levels of shelving for storing tools and a row of transparent drawers for keeping smaller components conveniently to hand. The upfit was then completed with cable holders on the outside of both cabinets.

To find out more…

If you are an alarm installation and service technician, ask your nearest Syncro System installation centre for a free estimate for upfitting your van and experience the professionalism and competence of our expert van upfitters for yourself.





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