A Talento racking solution for air conditioning technicians

A complete racking solution for installing boilers and air conditioners

The Fiat Talento seen in the photos on this page is an L2H1 model that Syncro System fitted out for a firm that installs, services and replaces boilers and air conditioners. To improve efficiency, this firm asked Syncro System to transform their van into a mobile workshop, with compartments for tool cases, plenty of containers for small spares and sundries, and secure and versatile cargo retaining systems.

Liners in the Fiat Talento L2H1 for installing heating and aircon systems

Protecting flimsy bodywork is always a good idea, and Syncro can supply and fit all the liners you need to safeguard your van’s floor, walls and doors against dents and scratches. Your van will then stay in tip-top condition for years to come without expensive bodywork repairs. The floor of this Talento is covered with a marble-look plywood floor liner while the walls and top sections of the doors are protected by painted steel panels. As you can see from the photos, the wheel arch on the left side has been enclosed too, using marble-look plywood (like that on the floor) for the vertical panel and painted steel sheet (like that from which the wall panels are made) for the shaped cover.

A Syncro case compartment and shelves on the left of the Talento

The left side of this Talento is equipped with two almost identical columns of racking, each formed by an open compartment at floor level and three shelves, two with lift-and-rotate doors and one open at the top. The two floor-level compartments, however, serve different purposes. The first, over the wheel arch, is equipped with a system of hooks and straps to secure tools and materials. The second, with no wheel arch to restrict its depth, is equipped with a case transport kit consisting of an end plate and a metal bar with hooks, straps and a ratchet tensioner. Another useful idea in the rearmost racking column is the shelf with adapters for plastic cases, located at the top of the floor-level compartment, just under the first shelf with a door. The doors tilt outwards through 90 degrees to provide easy access to contents. The racking side panel at the rear of the van is fitted with three useful accessories: a bracket for a fire extinguisher at the bottom, a paper roll holder in the middle and a slider bar with metal hooks at the top.

Transparent containers on the right of the Talento

The right side of this Talento for heating and aircon work consists of a large floor-level compartment with a lift-up door mounted on a parallelogram frame and a generous series of pull-out transparent containers that occupy the remainder of the wall right up to the roof. This practical configuration, with single-row cabinets of reduced depth at the top, has been made possible by the addition of a new model to Syncro’s 2021 catalogue. These 42 transparent containers, each of which can be partitioned internally using plastic dividers, offer multiple advantages:

  • practical arrangement of spares and fasteners of different sizes
  • contents visible from the outside
  • impossible to run out of items…. you can see when a container is nearly empty!
  • containers are easy to remove, fill, empty, and carry around on site

A custom frame and drawers at the Talento’s bulkhead

At the bulkhead of the Talento, a special compartment has been made to carry a stepladder. A custom aluminium and plywood framework has been installed to create a space at the bottom that is easily accessible from the van’s side door. The rearward side of the plywood panel is fitted with a bar with sliding attachments and straps for securing gas cylinders and other objects of different size and shape. The framework supports a racking unit of four metal drawers and a top shelf.

Roof bars for the Fiat Talento

The Talento’s roof is equipped with a simple but versatile type of roof rack formed by two metal cross bars. These allow long and bulky objects to be strapped on to the roof for safe, silent transport.

Interested in a similar racking system for your own Talento? Call us!

If this custom racking system for a Fiat Talento operated by a heating and aircon business is of interest to you, get in touch with us and show it as an example of what you need for your van!

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