The birth of the Syncro System group

1996: Van upfitting production launched

1996 can probably be considered the most important year for Francom, which notably widened its scope of products offered by entering into a relatively new sector: upfitting vans with production of equipment and accessories. Initially, Francom collaborated with retailers, but soon after, the executives realised that changes were necessary. They decide to open the doors to direct sales of their products and services, working directly with the client and doing the upfitting themselves.

The birth of the Syncro Group

Expanding from a local/regional territory to a national and international one, it became quickly clear that there was an increasing need to have more Syncro System service shops and distributors covering a much broader terrritory. The result was the birth of The Syncro System group which soon opened new branches and dealerships in Italy, followed by more openings abroad: the company branch in Bamberg, Germany, as well as specialized retailers all over Europe, New Zealand and Australia. These changes were reflected in the internal structure of Francom: the number of employees rose to 75, production methods are modified and updated with the use of laser and counter machinery, management systems are revamped, a new business approach prompted by lean production was adopted, and marketing and customer relationship also undergo changes with the increased use computers. The company continues its research to find new ways to grow and improve. This growth that can be seen in the company's insistence upon and obtainment of quality and safety standard certifications. The entire Syncro System group adheres to a single philosophy: offer each client the best and most complete service possible, beginning with the consulting phase, finding solutions to fit individual needs and continuing with 'after-sale' assistance. Remaining faithful to these principles, Syncro System proudly celebrates two important milestones Maria's 50th year of work and Francom's 50th birthday!