The 50th anniversary of the founding of Francom spa

The Comunello Family, staff and and friends celebrated an important occasion

The company organized a evening to celebrate with family, Francom's staff, branch managers and affiliates, clients, distributors, and suppliers to share an important milestone: 50 years of continued business from 1960 when Francesco Comunello registered the trademark Francom and launched a company that would continue to endure, transform an expand – growing well beyond the expectations even of the founder himself. The celebration was a way for the executives of Francom to show their gratitude to everyone who had contributed to the establishment and growth of the Syncro System group throughout the years. At the celebration, the executives of Francom and influential comunity members pointed out that one of the important factors of reaching 50 years, was putting down “solid roots, enabling the company to be able to persevere for another 50 years or more”.