1960-2020: the sixtieth anniversary of Francom S.p.a.

Francom turned 60 in 2020. This satisfying anniversary was achieved thanks to impressive financial solidity, cohesive planning, targeted investment in advanced technology, personnel training and enthusiasm in the face of future challenges. The story of Francom and that of the Comunello family Francesco Comunello officially registered the firm of Francom and began the production of handles for farm implements back in 1960. Sixty years later, the family firm run by his sons Luca and Adamo employs 100 people and is internationally recognised as a leader in the van racking sector. The closely-knit Comunello family has seen plenty of changes over the years but has continued to run the firm in honour of its founder, Francesco, who passed away in 1982. Now, in 2020, Francom is stronger than ever, with 50 points of sale worldwide, and is technologically advanced enough to qualify as an “Industry 4.0 company”. To learn more about the history of Francom, download the booklet dedicated to our anniversary