2019: the Ultra revolution for van equipment

A complete redesign of Syncro van racking led to the development of Ultra, a lighter, stronger racking system offering numerous new products but above all exponentially greater modularity. Thanks to Ultra, van racking installations can be tailored exactly to meet the customer’s needs, optimising the use of space and significantly improving van users’ productivity! Characteristics: Ultra racking is characterised by evenly spaced holes in the side panels. Holes are arranged at intervals of 36 mm vertically and 50 mm horizontally (depthwise) and are the basis of the Ultra system’s amazing modularity, as they allow any horizontal element to be installed at any height to optimise the functionality of the racking. Special elements: in the Ultra system, components such as brackets and horizontal profiles serve to assemble and interconnect side panels, support other elements and contain material. What’s new: all the most popular Syncro products are still available and many new items have been introduced to improve and extend functionality. Typical products include: metal drawers, transparent containers, shelves, doors, lockers, vice benches and case transport systems.