Syncro System for Freccia Verde – watch the video

Donato, the much-loved van

Niccolò Pierbattista is an automotive sector influencer who produces videos on cars and motorcycles. Recently, Niccolò acquired "Donato", a van he uses to provide technical support for Freccia Verde events and the motorcycle tours around Italy and Europe he organises along with followers of his Freccia Verde channel. A few days before Christmas, Luca Comunello, President of Syncro System, invited Niccolò to watch for himself how his precious Donato could be transformed into a mobile workshop at the company’s headquarters in Cassola. This video covers the 48 hours Niccolò spent with Syncro’s team of expert installers:

Super-racking for super-satisfaction

“Donato,” Niccolò explains, “is essential for my channel’s work and to provide support for the riders who accompany me on FV tours.” The YouTuber had already used the van for this purpose but had realised that a good racking system was needed to maximise its potential. “To be honest,” the owner adds, “I had not realised I had such a great van, or that the inside is more important than the outside. The quality of Syncro racking is amazing and the installers are true professionals.” Three technicians from Syncro’s Cassola HQ worked on the van to install the necessary liners, racking, accessories and electrical system. “What surprised me most,” Niccolò adds, “was the total readiness of everybody at Syncro System to meet my needs. They were even willing to change the original plans and adapt them in real time. No matter what I asked them, even while work was ongoing, they always said ‘yes’. I never heard ‘you can’t do that’. They’re eager to do the job exactly the way you want.”

Watch the video and discover how the racking system was installed!