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The tough_ Iveco Daily van

The Daily from the Italian automotive manufacturer Iveco is a large van, characterized by an extra tough monocoque frame and rear wheel drive - which together render the Daily particularly suitable for carrying extra heavy loads. The Daily comes in a variety of versions, many of which allow ample cargo space for mounting racking components and transforming it into a fully functional mobile workshop.
Alternative/renewable energy is a sector that is constantly growing and expanding. This, because of the high cost of non-renewable sources of energy and because of increased environmental awareness. There are also new regulations that are pushing technology towards more sustainable development.
On this page we see a conversion solution carried out in one of our Syncro centers for a company that carries out installation and service of systems and equipment in the renewable energy sector.


The Daily, like all other vans, comes with the problem of not having adequate interior protection to withstand the daily wear and tear of a working van. For this reason, the Syncro team first installed a durable workman tough loading floor. On this Daily, they mounted the 12 mm, resin-coated, marine plywood floor panel, that incorporates the floor's original anchorage points and comes complete with reinforced steel borders.
The resin-coated, anti-slip ply panel is also reinforced underneath by wooden spacers that ensure the floor remains completely level – ready for even heavy loading, as well as for the mounting of the racking components. The side walls and doors are protected by protective galvanized steel paneling which is pre-laser cut to perfectly fit the shape of Daily's lines.
Moving on to the racking components, along the left-hand side, we mounted a wheel arch frame base with door panel. Above it, is shelving compartment closed with a door panel equipped with the exclusive rotational hinge system, providing wide-open access to the compartment.
Still moving upwards, we see two large metal drawers mounted on telescoping ball-bearing slides – each one with an automatic locking mechanisms, rubber mats and metal dividers. At the very top, we see two shelves, also complete with rubber mats and dividers.
Close to the bulkhead, there is another compartment for safe storage and transport of tool and organizer cases, held safely in place with strap and clasp. Above this, we mounted three shelves, also with rubber mats and dividers, and one completed with the rotational hinge door panel for wide-open access.
Along the base on the right-hand side, is another wheel arch frame with door panel. Above it, a drawer unit with four sliding trays to house the eight metal organizer cases – each complete with internal mix&match bins. Above this, we find another drawer unit with two large metal drawers. Finally, at the very top are two shelves with dividers.
The accessories truly make a difference – making work easier, more pleasant and more efficient. For this conversion, there is the pull-out desk surface, the hand-washing kit, mounted on the back doors, complete with soap dispenser, water tank with faucet, and 280 mm paper towel roll holder. On the left-hand side, there is a 12V socket that powers the bright halogen flood light with magnetic base, and a universal fire extinguisher bracket. On the right-hand side we mounted a long object storage bracket and strap, a folding worktop / vise mount complete with 125 mm vise with pipe jaws and swiveling base, and - always in reach - the first aid kit.
For tying down even very heavy and or bulky cargo, we mounted two aluminum tracks to the bulkhead, complete with four straps and clasps. Another two tracks were fitted recessed into the floor panel. Finally, to complete the inside, we fixed to LED ceiling lights that brightly light up the whole cargo area.
Because installation of solar panels and other renewable energy often uses ladders, we mounted the hydraulic assisted total lift ladder racks- making loading and unloading even heavy ladders a breeze. Last but not least, is the roof-top aluminum tube carrier, mounted along side the ladder rack – for safe transport of all kinds of extra long objects.