An Iveco Daily with racking for an industrial machinery firm

An Iveco Daily with a racking solution for an industrial machinery firm

The van in these photos is an Iveco Daily belonging to a company that services and repairs industrial machinery. The racking solution chosen by the customer and installed by Syncro System is concentrated on the van’s bulkhead, leaving lots of free space in the back of the van. The customer uses the van to deliver even quite large industrial machines and to bring them back to the workshop if repairs cannot be completed on site. In addition, the van also needs a sufficient number of containers for spare parts, tools and equipment, plus a compact work bench for minor repairs and adjustments.

A complete lining system for the Daily’s floor, walls and doors

Since large and heavy machines have to be loaded into the back of this van, the customer wanted a fully protected interior. In fact, the only areas not lined are the underside of the roof and the part of the bulkhead that is protected by the racking. This thorough lining system ensures that the Daily will be protected against dents and scratches for many years to come. The original floor is covered by a custom-made plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface, as too are the inside walls of the wheel arches and the top of the bulkhead. The van’s walls and doors, on the other hand, are lined in painted steel panelling. The wheel arches are enclosed in a combination of aluminised steel and resin-coated plywood.

The racking on the Daily’s bulkhead

The only racking in this Iveco Daily is installed on the bulkhead. The configuration consists of:

Syncro’s vice bench and its features

Between the Daily’s floor-level compartment and the drawers above, Syncro has installed a pull-out vice bench complete with a rotating steel vice on the outside. This great accessory offers a whole range of advantages:

1. The bench occupies very little space when closed.

2. Extending the bench is quick and easy.

3. Once extended and locked in place, the bench provides a stable and safe surface for vice work and other jobs that need a work surface.

4. The bench can be installed at any height. In this case it is positioned where it can be conveniently used from outside the van.

An empty van vs. a full van

The Iveco Daily is a large van with plenty of scope for conversion. Racking can be installed on all three walls, on the sides only or, as in this case, on the bulkhead only. All solutions are possible and depend only on the user’s needs, which are always evaluated on a case by case basis.

In this Daily for servicing industrial machines, lots of free space is needed to transport bulky equipment. The vehicle could be made even more functional, however, by adding a loading ramp. Syncro supplies both fixed and removable models for the rear doors. In any case, Syncro racking solutions can always be modified at a later date, either by adding more racking modules, additional accessories, or even a roof rack.

Looking to transform your own Iveco Daily?

If you already own or are planning to buy an Iveco Daily, and want to install liners and racking, you can find other solutions for this model, starting on this page.

If you service industrial machinery, you can see other Syncro racking solutions for the same kind of work in other models of van too: Proace - Ducato - Custom

Syncro System centres provide no-obligation advice on designing your own personal racking system, so call us, write or just call in at your nearest dealer now!





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