Updated edition of 2022 catalogue, no. 24.1

View or download the latest edition of Syncro’s 2022 catalogue here

The latest Syncro System catalogue, updated for the second half of 2022, has arrived. Version 24.1 is now available online and you can browse it directly here:

If you prefer, you can download it by clicking here.

Have you ever browsed the Syncro System catalogue?

If you have never browsed a catalogue of the Syncro System Group and its products, let us tell you how it is organised. Knowing how to use it will allow you to go straight to the part you are most interested in!

Syncro System catalogues are always arranged in seven sections. These are easily identified by different colours that appear in the table of contents (pages 2-3) and down the sides of the pages themselves. You can see these colours even before you open the catalogue.

The red section presents the story of the Syncro group and our company’s approach to business. It also contains details about the materials and processes used to produce Syncro van racking and accessories. This is the section you should consult if you want to learn more about the modular design that distinguishes the Syncro racking system. The orange section presents Syncro’s van bodywork liners, which all come pre-shaped and pre-drilled ready for installation. The green section lists all the components that you can include in a racking system for your own van. Syncro accessories are described in the fuchsia section. Roof racks and other roof transport accessories are to be found in the blue section. If you are looking for access and loading ramps, go to the yellow section. Finally, if you want to browse through a vast photo gallery illustrating some of the many racking systems Syncro has installed in vans of all makes and models, go straight to the end of the catalogue. The light blue section contains 60 pages dedicated to all kinds of racking solutions.

New products in catalogue edition 24.1 /2022

If you have called into one of our dealers and got a copy of our catalogue edition 24/2022, here are the changes you can find by browsing this updated for the end of 2022, currently only available online:

  • a new version of our XMA* heavy-duty profiles for medium payload applications (page 61 and page 125 in the door kit)
  • new plastic containers, model APC00536, now even larger, with or without a transparent front cover (page 118)
  • new L-shaped bracket, type ABC00005, for assembling multiple side panels along horizontal profiles, to prevent sagging in the event of overloading (page 141)
  • new sizes of underfloor drawers (page 160)
  • new telescopic ladder, model GRRAL002, with 3+ 3 steps, suitable for storage in an underfloor compartment, presently homologated only in Italy (page 200)
  • new sink kit with tap, immersion pump, plastic jerry cans and stainless-steel sink, height 792 mm (page 203)
  • racking solutions for the 2010 Fiat Doblò removed
  • various errors corrected and graphics improved

And, of course, don’t miss the latest photos in the racking solutions section