A Daily L4 for transporting special waste

The van you can see on this page was fitted out by Syncro System for a public multi-utility company that provides various services, including the transport of special waste from collection points to a disposal centre. The intended purpose of the vehicle had to be given careful consideration in deciding what equipment was required. The following aspects were immediately understood to be of particular importance:
  • Protection of the van’s interior
  • the provision of lashing systems for the customer’s waste containers
  • The addition of a ramp to facilitate the loading of heavy and bulky objects
  • The provision of weather protection over the side door
  • Adequate illumination of the van’s interior and an external warning beacon
  • The Daily L4’s interior liners

    The floor obviously requires a high level of protection in a van used to carry potentially corrosive materials, with large, heavy containers being loaded and unloaded frequently. The Syncro team recommended the installation of a two-layer floor liner consisting of a bottom panel of birch plywood with spacers underneath and a walkable top panel of aluminium tread plate. The result is an extremely tough floor capable resisting not just wear and damp but oils and other toxic liquids, and with an easy-to-clean, high-grip surface. The van’s bulkhead is protected by a panel of marble-look plywood that provides secure anchorage for cargo retaining rails. The walls and doors are lined with aluminium panels, a particularly functional choice whenever frequent cleaning and washing down are needed.

    The Daily’s basic racking system

    The van’s racking as such is quite basic. Almost all available space has been is dedicated to the transport of various kinds of special waste containers and to the necessary retaining systems. The racking on the left consists of four shelves, two open, one with a top-pivot door and a fourth at the top with a non-slip mat and space divers. A leak-proof tray for the transport of liquids is fixed to the wall next to the shelving and is supported at the back of the van by a special, made to measure aluminium frame. On the right wall is a floor-level compartment with a door and a panel of marble-look plywood cover. At the top of the wall above this compartment is a tray for long objects, supported by two brackets.

    Cargo retaining systems

    As already stated, the operators of this van need to carry large containers of special waste. Being able to secure them for the road is therefore a top priority. The following retaining systems were installed for the purpose:
  • Two rail and strap lashing systems with sliding fittings on the bulkhead. In the photos, these are used to secure two large waste containers, one for spent oil, the other for spent batteries.
  • More bar and strap lashing systems on the left wall, used to secure two large plastic trunks.
  • Another two aluminium bars with sliding fittings installed at different heights along the right wall, left free in the photos.
  • Accessories for easier loading and unloading

    To help unload containers that can be extremely heavy once filled, an aluminium ramp with a 500 kg load capacity has been installed at the rear doors. Also to facilitate access to the van’s interior, and to minimise the risk of accidents at work, the side door has been equipped with an electrically powered step, automatically operated by the side door. The step extends when the door opens and retracts when the door closes. A side awning with manual crank opening provides a covered space for small jobs and repairs outside the van.

    Other accessories

    Other interesting aspects of this Daily for transporting special waste include:
  • Lighting: a number of LED ceiling lights have been installed to ensure uniform illumination of the van’s interior. The switch for these is located at the top right of the bulkhead.
  • Two LED spotlights illuminate the van’s points of access and a rotating beacon has been installed on the roof.
  • Cleanliness: A handwash kit consisting of a water tank with tap and a liquid soap dispenser have been installed on the left wall near the rear doors, and a useful paper roll holder appears on the van’s right wall.
  • To comply with the relevant safety regulations, a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher bracket have also been added.





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