An Opel Vivaro for a safety barrier firm

A fully equipped Vivaro for installing industrial safety barriers

The firm that commissioned this particular racking system from Syncro installs safety barriers in large and small factories. The van is an Opel Vivaro L2H1 with racking on both sides. Special care has been taken over the systems for securing cargo, tools and materials. Let’s take a closer look.

A fully protected Vivaro

A well-protected van is sure to last for years to come. It looks more professional and is easier to clean too! Robust liners prevent the sort of bodywork damage caused by heavy equipment and tools accidentally shifting or falling. They also make cleaning a whole lot easier and keep your van looking brighter too. Remember that dents and perforations can easily lead to rust and entail an expensive trip to the body repair shop. Prevention is better than cure!

The floor of this Opel Vivaro is covered with a plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface and protective metal edges at the doors. The bulkhead too is protected by marble-look plywood panels, while the other vertical surfaces (doors and walls) are lined with custom-made, painted steel panels.

Drawers and shelves on the left of the Opel Vivaro

This Opel Vivaro racking system for installing safety barriers may look quite simple but it actually meets the needs of the customer perfectly. The racking on the left consists of a floor-level compartment with a lift-and-rotate door, three metal drawers and a plain top shelf with a low door. Nearer the bulkhead, a large, open compartment occupies nearly the full height of the racking and is equipped only with a bar and lashing strap. Above this are a plain shelf with a door and a configurable shelf with a non-slip mat and metal space dividers.

Syncro equipment on the right of the Vivaro

The racking on the right starts with a floor-level compartment identical to that on the left, and again fitted with a lift-and-rotate door. Above this are four configurable shelves with non-slip mats.

Cargo retaining accessories in the Opel Vivaro

This Vivaro has been equipped with a large number of cargo retaining accessories to make it more functional:

  • The left side racking has milled bar with airline holes fitted to the vertical flanges of the side panels. Used with straps and quick-release hooks, these bars are ideal for securing large spares and equipment in the middle of the van.
  • The tall floor-level compartment on the left has a full-length bar and strap with sliding fittings.
  • The rearward side panel of the left racking and the forward side panel of the right racking are fitted with small lengths of bar with straps, sliding attachments and non-scratch rubber profiles.
  • The rearward side panel of the right side racking features a spray can rack.
  • The bulkhead has two parallel lengths of bar with straps and sliding attachments.

A paper roll holder on the right racking near the rear doors adds convenience while an LED ceiling light provides effective illumination for the load compartment.

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