An Opel Vivaro with racking for an electrician

Racking for an electrician in an Opel Vivaro

The Opel Vivaro seen in the photos on this page gives a good idea how a van can be transformed into a mobile workshop for installing and servicing electrical systems. The customer, an electrician by trade, asked us to leave one side of the van free and to install racking on the side with the door and on the bulkhead.

This solution leaves plenty of floor space for carrying large spares and items of equipment. If cargo is particularly heavy and there is any risk of the strain or injury to the user, Syncro System can supply a ramp (not seen in these photos) to make loading and unloading easier. Syncro ramps can be permanent or mobile and different models are available to cover light and heavy-duty applications. Let’s take a closer look at the equipment installed

Essential protection for a working van

The work of Syncro System installers always starts with interior liners. In the case of this Vivaro, the customer chose the most essential form of protection: a robust plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface. On request, Syncro can also line your van’s walls, wheel arches, doors, bulkhead and roof using panels that are pre-shaped and pre-drilled to suit the model of van.

A free side in the Vivaro… at least for now!

As already stated, the left side of this van has been left completely free. Of course, if the customer’s needs change at any time in the future, additional Syncro racking can be installed on this side too, or cargo retaining accessories can be fitted, ideally after first protecting the wall with steel or honeycomb plastic panels.

The racking on the right of the Vivaro

The right side of the van is filled by a racking configuration comprising a floor-level compartment with a lift-and-rotate door and two configurable shelves with non-slip mats and raised rear panels for increasing carrying capacity and stopping small items slipping down between the racking and the wall. On top of this section of racking is a cabinet of four tilting transparent containers with metal dividers. This type of container is often installed at the top of racking as contents are clearly visible and there is no risk of opening the wrong one. And with Syncro containers, transparency does not mean fragility, because Syncro transparent containers are made from PMMA, a super-tough, scratch-proof and UV-resistant material.

The Vivaro’s fully equipped bulkhead

When customers want one area of the van left free, they generally choose the bulkhead, but the design of Syncro System racking makes all alternative solutions possible. In the case of this electrician’s Vivaro, the bulkhead has been equipped with the following racking configuration:

  • a floor-level compartment to which a hooks and lashing straps can be added to provide practical storage for large items of equipment, or that can be converted into a case compartment with the addition of the relevant Syncro kit
  • four metal drawers and four case trays for tool and utensil cases
  • a configurable shelf with a raised rear panel at the top of the column

If there’s not enough room inside, there’s always the roof!

If you can’t get all your stuff inside a van like the Vivaro, don’t forget you can always ask Syncro to install a roof rack. Complete roof racks include cross bars with the Ultrasilent noise-reducing profile, side fences and a loading roller and can be fitted with pipe carriers and ladder slides with damped descent and assisted lifting action.

Do you own a Vivaro or are you planning to buy one? Call us!

If you need to install a racking system in your Opel Vivaro, call your nearest Syncro System dealer now and fix an appointment to discuss the perfect configuration for your own needs. No strings attached!

In the meantime, look here to see other Vivaro racking solutions. For racking systems for electricians in other vans, look here: Berlingo - Partner - Sprinter - Kangoo - Doblò - Caddy - Custom - Jumper





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