Two small vans transformed by the racking specialists

Syncro knows how to make more space in any van

With nearly 30 years of experience in van racking, Syncro System knows how to make any van more efficient and functional. Whatever the make, model, size or variant, Syncro can always find a custom solution to transform your van into the perfect companion for work and travel.

On this page we present two small-medium vans whose full potential has been realised thanks to the installation of custom racking solutions. The first is a Ford Courier belonging to a plumber, the second a Nissan NV200 owned by an electrician.

Ford Courier: underfloor drawers for plenty of storage without reducing floor space

Syncro System has increased usable space in this plumber’s Ford Courier by installing an underfloor storage system with a high-strength steel frame and full-length drawers. The drawers extend for the front of the cargo compartment and can be pulled all the way out on robust ball-bearing runners.

The two drawers are accessible from the van’s rear door and, like all Syncro metal drawers, are fitted with automatic retaining mechanisms, non-slip mats and metal space dividers. Dividers can be arranged across each drawer to create separate compartments for different items. The raised floor over the storage system is made from marble-look plywood and is walkable and strong enough to support even heavy loads.

A roof rack with Syncro’s exclusive Ultrasilent profile

To add to the space inside, the Courier has been equipped with a Syncro System roof rack consisting of three cross bars with non-scratch rubber profiles on top and side fences to stop cargo sliding off on bends. The front cross bar is equipped with Syncro’s exclusive Ultrasilent ridged profile to break up the airflow between the bar and the roof, significantly reducing noise and vibration when the van is moving at speed.

Nissan NV200: a simple solution for a tidier, more professional van

The second van seen here page is a Nissan NV200 that Syncro fitted out for an electrician. The racking installed over the marble-look plywood floor liner is simple in design but still provides effective, orderly and functional storage and helps the user to work more professionally. The racking on the left consists of three configurable shelves with non-slip mats and space dividers installed over a floor-level compartment with a hook and strap case transport system. The racking on the right is similar, but here the area around the wheel arch has been transformed into practical storage by the addition of a tilt-and-rotate door.

The Syncroblock bar on the bulkhead is fitted with hooks and lashing straps at the moment, but can also be equipped with universal clamps, metal hooks, plastic clips, cable holders and many other cargo retaining accessories.

Syncro racking is re-usable and expandable: ask our experts

All Syncro System racking and accessories can be:

  • re-used: Syncro products are made from the toughest materials and can be removed from your old van and installed in your new one. Syncro racking very often outlasts your van!
  • Expandable: you can ask your Syncro dealer to add new elements of racking or accessories as your needs change. The Syncro Ultra racking system is unbeatable for flexibility and modularity!

You can view other Syncro racking solutions for the Ford Courier here.

You can find other Nissan NV200 photo galleries here.

You can also browse van workshops for electricians and plumbers.

Do you drive a small-medium van? Ask the racking specialists to optimise the space inside.





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