A selection of Syncro racking systems for plumbers

Syncro System: the top name in van racking for plumbers

A very large number of Syncro System customers are heating engineers and plumbers. On top of this, our teams of consultants and installers have such vast experience in designing and fitting custom racking solutions that they are certain to find the perfect solution for all needs! Syncro has specialised in van racking since 1996, and in these 27 years has fitted out over 90,000 vans through its network of racking centres – meaning 90,000 satisfied customers too!

With a Syncro racking system, your van is always tidy and you are more productive

A van workshop designed and installed by Syncro really does keep your van tidy. This in turn saves you time and money by minimising the time spent searching for tools and materials left at home or lost in a pile on the floor.

On this page we present some of the many racking solutions we have recently installed in different makes and models of van for customers working in the field of heating and plumbing.

A partial racking system in a plumber’s Ford Custom

This first racking system for a plumber is in a Ford Custom. It features racking on both sides of the van. The left racking, however, is confined to the front half of the cargo compartment: the area near the rear doors has been left free apart from the addition of a cargo retaining system.

A Fiat Scudo with racking on both sides for a system installer

This second example features a racking system in a Fiat Scudo L1H1. Though the space available is more restricted, the customer still asked us to use both walls for a racking system that includes large metal drawers and Syncro’s exclusive transparent plastic containers.

A VW Crafter with transparent containers

This next example makes full use of the cargo compartment but still leaves plenty of floor space free in the centre of the van. The left side of this VW Crafter L3H2 is fitted with shelves, case transport systems, metal drawers and case trays while the racking on the right consists entirely of space-saving cabinets that extend no further into the van than the wheel arch but still contain thirty tilting transparent containers for hardware and spares of all shapes and sizes. Transparent container cabinets of this kind are among Syncro System’s best-selling products.

A plumber’s Renault Express with drawers accessible from outside the van

Here’s another plumber's van with a different racking solution. This Renault Express has racking on both sides but with a difference that becomes immediately apparent at the side door. The racking here consists of drawers that open outwards rather than into the centre of the van. This allows the user to access his tools and other materials without having to climb into the van – a smart way to exploit an area that would otherwise be unused because of the door. The ability to fit racking elements facing inwards or outwards to suit the customer’s needs is one of the exclusive and most noteworthy features of Syncro System racking.

Racking and accessories in a Fiat Talento

The last van in this series of racking installations completed in early 2023 is a medium-size Fiat Talento equipped with everything necessary to install and service heating and plumbing systems. In this case, most of the racking is installed on the left side. The right is equipped only with shallow, wall-mounted cabinets of Syncro’s patented transparent containers.

Join the Syncro System users’ community and help us improve

If you work as a plumber, ask your nearest Syncro racking centre for an obligation-free consultation. By becoming a Syncro customer, you join a large community of users who help us improve our products simply by requesting fully personal solutions. Answering your needs and listening to your ideas helps us to grow and offer an even more efficient service.





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