Syncro, great racking solutions even for small vans

A super-functional racking system for a super-small space!

Syncro System can develop special solutions for all kinds of vehicle, even small off-roaders like the Suzuki Jimny! The Jimny is made to tackle even the toughest terrain. While it is happy to handle any kind of surface, its cargo compartment is really quite small. This is not a problem! A Syncro racking system can transform the Jimny into a surprisingly functional mobile workshop. The owner of this particular vehicle is an electrician whose customers live in a mountainous area. The Jimny satisfies all his transport needs: it is compact and capable of overcoming all obstacles and weather conditions. And Syncro racking allows him to carry everything he needs to work on the move.

Underfloor storage exploits the Jimny’s potential to the full

An underfloor drawer system is the best way to utilise every inch of space in a vehicle like the Suzuki Jimny. A high-strength steel frame contains the drawers that extend to the rear of the vehicle and also supports a raised floor that encloses the space beneath. The floor formed in this way is not only walkable but an ideal platform for heavy and bulky equipment. This type of drawer system is the ideal for small vans as it allows the installation of drawers that extend for the entire length of the load compartment. Thanks to ball-bearing runners, each drawer can be pulled out for its full length, allowing users easy access even to items right at the front. As you can see from the photos, you can store a whole lot of stuff in drawers of this size, and keep everything separate too thanks to internal dividers. Tidiness, functionality and practicality are key to a racking solution of this kind. Limitations of space can be overcome and a new concept of work on the move made possible – more compact but just as efficient!

Syncro liners for the small Suzuki

The Jimny seen in these photos is made even more functional by an excellent set of liners. The marble-look plywood floor liner is accurately cut to shape and serves a dual purpose: it encloses the underfloor drawers and provides a robust surface for equipment and materials. The vehicle’s sides are lined with custom-made panels. These blank off the original windows and effectively insulate the cargo compartment in the rear of the vehicle. They also provide an even, drillable surface capable of supporting the various cargo retaining accessories.

Accessories for the Jimny

With such a small load compartment, the user can easily access any point without having to climb into the vehicle – a task made difficult by the low roof. Two main requirements emerged at the project design stage:

  • the need for good lighting to illuminate all corners of the load compartment and make loading and unloading easier – an objective achieved by installing two LED ceiling lights in the Jimny
  • the need to secure equipment for transport, satisfied by installing hook and strap lashing systems for tool cases on both sides of the vehicle

Ask advice from Syncro System, the mobile workshop specialists

The photos on this page prove that Syncro System can find a solution to all needs, even for the smallest vehicle on the market.

Make an appointment now to obtain obligation-free advice for fitting out your van, no matter how small it is. The Syncro Ultra racking system of completely modular and adapts to all needs!





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