The slide-out base passes the load test with flying colors


The slide-out base SLI 650 is another workman-tough accessory by Syncro System. The sliding base platform is built with high resistant steel and ball bearing glides. We added it to our product line for those who have to transport heavy and bulky objects, such as generators, compressors, lathes and drills; and for those who want to simply extend their van workspace and be able to access equipment, material and parts stored in drawer or shelving units, without having to get into the van.


On March 7, 2013, Syncro System's slide-out base was put under a number of tests to verify its load weight carrying capacity, both in still and vibrating modes. As is seen in the catalog, the slide-out base can hold up to 250 kg of still weight and 150 kg of vibrating machinery. The base passed both tests with no problems. Here are the results: In the first 'static' test, the sliding base was loaded with double the weight stated in our catalog (500 kg), in accordance with German law BGR 234/06 on equipment breakage safety. Test weights of 13.2 kg each were placed on the fully extended base until the target weight of 500 kg was reached. They were left for 18 hours. The distance from the bottom edge of the base to the floor was measured on both sides and the results were more than positive: there was no slackening or bending of the fully extended slide – remaining at a constant 965 mm (from 970 empty); there was no warpage or weakening, and the base continued to glide smoothly. The second test involved a load of 300 kg (twice the 150 declared). This time, the fully extended sliding base was loaded with a vibrating test machine, left in place and running for 18 hours. Even in this case, the base showed no signs of weakening or bending. The distance from the ground stayed at 968 mm for the entire duration of the experiment, and as in the first experiment, the base continued to slide smoothly.


Customer satisfaction is closely linked to the safety of the product purchased . For this reason, Syncro System has been - since our beginning- committed to excellence in quality in equipping vans. Therefore, we choose to regularly test our products, to ensure our customers the highest level of safety and satisfaction. Some of these tests we do in-house and they are documented through written reports and photographs. Other tests are conducted by an external certification body, TÜV Rheinland, authorized to issue official documents such as the GS – Geprüfte Sicherheit (GS interior racking units, GS roof racks and utility racks).