A Fiat Fiorino with a complete racking solution by Syncro System

A special racking solution in a Fiat Fiorino

No van is too small to be turned into a mobile workshop. Syncro System racking can be adapted to suit vehicles of all shapes and sizes. The photos on this page illustrate how Syncro transformed a Fiat Fiorino owned by a firm that installs and services lifts and overhead platforms. The solution includes racking on both sides of the van but the bulkhead has been left free.

Liners for the Fiat Fiorino

There are various steps to installing a racking system and the first always involves fitting liners to protect the bodywork. This essential step keeps the vehicle in tip-top condition for years to come, greatly increasing its value in the event of sale or exchange. This Fiat Fiorino is fitted with a custom-made plywood floor liner that follows the contours of the floor and has holes drilled where needed to permit use of the original anchor rings. Syncro plywood is extremely tough and resists wear and damp . The various plies are bonded with a non-hygroscopic phenolic resin of the same type used to produce marine grade plywood.

An open floor-level compartment and drawers on the left of the Fiorino

The left side of this lift technician’s Fiat Fiorino has a racking column comprising some of Syncro best-selling products:

  • an open floor-level compartment with cargo lashing straps
  • a pull-out bench with a metal vice installed between two horizontal elements where it takes up very little space when not in use; the bench slides out and can be locked in place by means of levers to ensure maximum strength and weight resistance
  • three metal drawers arranged one over the other and equipped with non-slip mats to stop items sliding around and vertical dividers for keeping everything in order
  • a top shelf with a raised rear panel for increased capacity

Syncro’s exclusive transparent containers in the lift technician’s Fiorino

The racking on the right of the Fiorino protrudes less than that on the left. It consists of a floor-level compartment partly enclosed by a lift-and-rotate door and cabinets of transparent containers in two different sizes. The clear plastic from which these containers are made – PMMA – offers a whole series of advantages for the user: it is extremely tough, does not scratch or turn yellow and, most importantly, lets you see what is inside without having to open the container, meaning that you can find items more quickly and never run out of supplies.

A patented Syncro System design ensures excellent performance, compact dimensions and maximum versatility. The fact that this racking column extends only just past the wheel arch means that plenty of space remains in the middle of the floor for moving bulky equipment and materials around inside the van.

Accessories for the Fiorino

A smart choice of accessories greatly enhances your van’s functionality. The Syncro System catalogue contains a vast range of items covering all kinds of need. This Fiat Fiorino is equipped with some of Syncro’s most popular accessories: hooks and lashing straps on the left-side floor-level compartment and a paper roll holder and spray can rack on the rear-facing side panels. Perforated side panels are one of the most important features of the Syncro Ultra system as they allow users to add or move accessories without assistance and without having to drill additional holes.

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Don’t waste any more time! Call or mail us or get in touch with your nearest Syncro dealer now. We shall be delighted to guide you through every step, from the customisation of a solution to meet your own needs to its installation and after-sales assistance.





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