A Movano with racking for farm machinery

Racking in a Movano used to service farm machines and implements

The van seen in this photo gallery is an Opel Movano owned by a firm that services and repairs farm machinery and equipment. The medium-size Movano has Syncro System racking installed on both side walls and is made even more functional by various accessories. The van is also fully autonomous thanks to an inverter and an oilless compressor.

The Movano’s liners

This Opel Movano for servicing farm machines has been fitted with a complete lining system to keep it in tip-top condition for many years to come. The walls and doors are protected by custom-made painted steel panels while the bulkhead and floor are protected by marble-look plywood liners. As a quick glance at the bulkhead will tell you, Syncro System liners come pre-shaped and pre-drilled for the model of van in which they are to be installed.

The left of the Movano: storage and autonomous systems

The Opel Movano’s left wall provides plenty of storage space in the form of two long rows of transparent plastic containers and nine drawers arranged in two adjacent columns. All the drawers are fitted with non-slip mats and internal dividers. The transparent plastic containers in the bottom row are of the pull-out type while the shallower ones above, chosen to suit the contours of the van body, tilt open. At floor level we have two separate compartments, one with a lift-and-rotate door, the other left open for use as a case compartment and fitted with a self-locking shuttle on an overhead rail and an end plate for supporting the cases.

Complete autonomy for the Movano thanks to a compressor and inverter

Inside the floor-level compartment with door is a 2 kW inverter connected to the van’s own battery. This provides a top-quality 220 V stabilised power supply to a 110 l/min mini oilless compressor that delivers a perfectly clean air supply and boasts a service interval of up to 5000 hours of use. The compressed air produced in this way can be used to power pneumatic tools, inflate tyres and blow clean mechanical components. The inverter also supplies power to a multi-socket located at the top of the rear side panel, for connecting electric power tools.

The right of the Movano: a perfect combination of storage and functionality

The right of the Movano: a perfect combination of storage and functionality The right of the Movano provides more storage for spare parts, tools and fasteners and also serves as a work area, thanks to the addition of a vice bench. The racking on this side includes:

  • a large floor-level compartment with a fully opening lift-and-rotate door
  • four pull-out case trays with eight metal cases for tools and sundries
  • a cabinet containing two rows of pull-out transparent containers
  • a fold-away bench complete with steel vice: this model is released and locked in place by means of the lever on the left, and incorporates a telescopic leg that extends to the ground for added support. Once folded down, this bench serves as a super-stable and strong work surface.

The Movano’s accessories

Cargo lashing accessories: A versatile bar with a lashing strap and quick-release sliding attachments can be seen on the bulkhead. This model of bar can be equipped with various types of hooks, magnets and even cable holders. Cleaning accessories: The van’s left rear door is fitted with a handwash kit comprising a holder with strap and a plastic container with tap A liquid soap dispenser is located alongside. A paper roll holder on the right-side racking completes the provision of cleaning accessories.

Need a racking system for your Movano?

If you drive an Opel Movano for your work, check out this racking system for ideas. You can find other solutions starting on this page.

If your work involves servicing and repairing agricultural machinery but you drive another model of van, take a look at these other racking systems by Syncro: Sprinter - Daily - Ducato - Doblò - Transporter

Your nearest Syncro System dealer looks forward to offering you a no-obligation consultation and discussing the ideal racking system for your own van. If you can’t call in, you can phone or write too!





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