A VW Transporter with Ultra racking

A Transporter for servicing agricultural machinery

The van described on this page was fitted out for a company that provides a particular kind of service: the maintenance and repair of large farm machinery. This work requires:
  • A compact, highly manoeuvrable vehicle able to cope with rough farm tracks and challenging logistics 
  • Plenty of containers for arranging and carrying all the different spares and tools needed for the job
  • A work bench and other accessories for working away from base
Let’s see how Syncro System fitted out this Volkswagen Transporter to transform it into a mobile workshop for servicing agricultural machines. The racking was constructed using Syncro’s new Ultra components to ensure complete flexibility in the positioning of the various components and to give the customer the highest possible level of satisfaction – limited only by the dimensions of the vehicle itself!

Liners for the Transporter

Marble-look plywood floor liner: the customer’s own choice. This type of liner is made from beech plywood impregnated in water-repellent phenolic resin: it is extremely wear resistant and lightweight. Protecting the Transporter’s original floor with such a liner makes an essential contribution to keeping the vehicle in good condition for many years to come. Because the protective liner absorbs all the knocks, it prevents dents, scratches and spillages from reaching the original floor panels. In this way it avoids the “rapid aging” that would otherwise soon compromise the functionality of the van as a whole. Prepainted steel bodywork liners: this type of liner was chosen to protect the bottom sections of the walls and doors and to provide firm anchorage for the racking and accessories. A liner made of the same material has also been applied to the underside of the van’s roof, where it serves to secure the LED ceiling light that provides illumination for the entire cargo compartment.

Drawers and enclosed shelves

Tools, utensils spares and other sundries are all arranged in different open and enclosed compartments in the right and left side racking. Enclosed storage comes in the form of:
  • 1.Metal drawers. The van is equipped with six of these, in different heights. Syncro drawers are all fitted with non-slip mats and dividers to turn the space inside into multiple separate compartments, allowing different items to be kept separate.
  • 2.Wheel arch cabinets with parallelogram action doors. These floor level compartments transform large but awkwardly shaped spaces into useful storage even for large items.

Open shelves and plastic containers

Now we come to the open storage that satisfies the remaining needs of the customer:
  • 1.Shelves. Syncro Ultra shelves have two raised edges: the front one is lower to permit easy access to contents while the rear one is higher to stop objects falling down behind the racking.
  • 2.Shelves with removable plastic containers. These provide practical storage space for plastic containers of various sizes. Containers can be removed easily for use on site and replaced just as easily at the end of the day.

Fold-away vice bench with built-in support

At the back of the right side racking we can see a fold-away vice bench with built-in support. This really useful accessory greatly extends the autonomy of any mobile workshop! All you need do to extend the bench is release a simple locking lever. Once extended, the bench forms a sturdy work top that even resists hammering. This allows it to be used as a practical work surface or as a stable base for the metal vice. When the job is done, the bench folds away in next to no time and occupies virtually no space at all.

Accessories: cargo retention, illumination and cleaning

This Volkswagen Transporter for servicing farm machinery boasts a number of useful accessories:
  • Cargo retaining accessories: the bulkhead is fitted with a metal bar and strap system.
  • Cleaning accessories: these include a paper roll holder at the side door, and a handwash kit comprising a water can with tap and a soap dispenser on the left rear door.
  • Lighting accessories: as mentioned above, a powerful but low-energy LED ceiling light has been fitted. A switch at the side door lets the user turn this on and off as needed.





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