A Transporter with Syncro racking for a multi-utility company

A VW Transporter with a complete racking solution for a multi-utility company

The van on this page is a VW Transporter operated by a company that manages public utilities. In particular, it is used to maintain the local water mains and waste disposal facilities. The customer requested a complete racking system with areas set aside for storage and work plus a selection of cleaning and cargo retaining accessories. Another one of the requests made during discussions was for a fully autonomous power supply for electrical tools and electronic devices. No problem at all! So let’s see how Syncro System transformed this Transporter into an efficient mobile workshop.

Custom liners for the Transporter

Bodywork protection is always recommended as the first step in any conversion project. Syncro liners preserve the van’s interior for years to come and provide rigid surfaces to support the racking.

This Transporter has been given a complete set of liners, right up to the roof. The floor liner and bulkhead covering panels are made from plywood with a marble-look surface. The walls and the bottom sections of the doors are lined with painted steel panels.

Drawers and shelves on the left of the VW Transporter

The left side of this Transporter is laid out as a storage area and is divided into two distinct columns. The column near the rear doors consists of:

The column towards the front of the van consists of:

  • one small, open compartment at floor level
  • also at floor level, a sealed, stainless-steel tray for carrying liquids, complete with lashing strap at the front
  • two shelves with top-pivot doors
  • a shelf of removable plastic containers at the top

A vice bench, compressor and Ecoflow power station for complete autonomy

The right side of this Transporter is home to the equipment that makes the van fully autonomous in terms of power. The compartment at floor level contains a compressor and an Ecoflow power station – a lithium battery, battery charger and inverter rolled into one. The electrical energy produced by the Ecoflow unit is distributed by a cable that ends in two Schuko-type multi-sockets, but it can also be taken directly from the machine itself thanks to a practical opening cut into the side panel. The Ecoflow power station can be recharged from the mains or from the Transporter’s own alternator. Also on the right of the van is a pull-out bench with a metal vice, sandwiched between the floor-level compartment and the drawers above. At the top this column is a large, enclosed shelf.

Accessories that transform the Transporter into a mobile workshop

Various accessories have been included in this racking system to make the multi-utility company’s Transporter more functional and easier to work in. The left rear door is equipped with a soap dispenser and a handwash kit with water tank and tap, both in their own holders. The cleaning kit is completed by a paper roll holder on the rearward side panel of the left racking. The van also has various cargo retaining systems. A section of bar with lashing strap and protective rubber profile is installed on the rearward side panel of the left racking. A similar bar is fitted near the van’s side door, where two cable holders are also found. A spray can rack and fire extinguisher bracket can be seen on the rearward side panel of the right side racking. A length of slider bar with push-fit tool clips is installed on the right rear door.

Multi-purpose space at the bulkhead

As often happens, the bulkhead of this Volkswagen Transporter is fitted only with cargo retaining accessories to provide secure transport for anything too large or too heavy to fit in the drawers and shelves. The bulkhead has two sections of slider bar. The one at the bottom is fitted with hooks and lashing straps while that at the top features a number of simple metal hooks and movable, telescopic hooks too.

Want more information on how to fit out your Transporter?

If you are planning to transform your own Volkswagen Transporter into a mobile workshop, you’ve come to the right place! Syncro System installation centres can find a practical and functional solution to all requirements. And Syncro System projects are all completely tailor-made!

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