Two Transporters with custom racking for electricians

Can racking systems for the same van and same trade be different?

Of course they can! Syncro System has been designing van racking solutions for nearly 30 years and we can honestly say that we have never fitted out two vans in exactly the same way – unless a customer has asked us to do so! In practice, every tradesman and professional who joins the great family of Syncro users has different needs, even if he owns the same van and does the same job as another user.

Two elements are essential to the success of any van racking solution:

  • the flexibility and modularity permitted by Syncro racking
  • The experience gained by installing over 90,000 van racking systems

This page compares the racking systems installed in two Volkswagen Transporter vans, both L1H1 versions and both operated by electricians.

Liners: practical and stylish

Protecting the interior of your van with robust liners is essential to avoid damage from impacts and humidity. Without adequate protection, your van’s bodywork could sustain irreparable damage, requiring costly repairs and leading to a significant loss in re-sale value. The two Transporters seen on this page have both been lined in the same way, using a marble-look plywood floor liner with built-in spacers and stainless-steel accessory parts, bulkhead lining panels in the same material, and robust, laser-cut steel panelling for the walls and doors. The bulkhead is obviously configured differently in the two vans: one has a rear window and the other does not. Differences like this present no trouble at all for Syncro racking centres because each panel comes pre-shaped to match the specifications of the individual vehicle. The only wheel arch potentially exposed to damage has been covered in by a combination of aluminised steel and marble-look plywood.

The left of the Transporters: two different solutions from a potentially infinite range

The Transporter is only a medium size van, but it can be turned into a super-functional mobile workshop with the addition of racking that makes the most of the available space and accessories chosen to meet the needs of the user.

The first van has side doors on both sides, so racking can only be positioned on the wall sections near the rear doors. The racking on the left starts with a floor-level compartment over the wheel arch, enclosed by a lift-up door. The shelf immediately above is enclosed by two types of door, one with a patented lift-and-rotate hinge system and the other with a parallelogram action lifting system. At the top of the column is another shelf with a length of Syncroblock bar on the wall behind it for use with hooks and lashing straps. The racking side panel is fitted with a bar rack and a length of bar with plastic clips for securing tools while the van is on the road. To make this racking column even more functional, two sections of Syncrorail milled bar have been installed vertically at the front of the side panels and fitted with four large anchor rings. These are mirrored on the racking on the opposite side of the vehicle.

The second van has only one side door, on the right. The area of left wall nearest the rear doors has been used to install accessories: a fire extinguisher bracket at the bottom, two cable holders on a length of Syncroblock bar in the middle and a paper roll holder at the top.The racking is therefore located near the van’s bulkhead. It is formed by an open floor-level compartment with a strap-type case transport kit, three pull-out trays for metal cases, three metal drawers and two shelves at the top. The rear-facing side panel is fitted with a bar rack, this time with a steel bracket and strap, and a first aid kit.

The right of the Transporters: compact storage or maximum capacity?

Many customers ask us to leave the right side of their van clear, or to install only cargo lashing accessories, with the aim of keeping as much space as possible free for carrying bulky spares, materials or equipment.

The second van seen here adopts a “half-way” measure: the racking on the right is kept as shallow as possible, extending very little beyond the wheel arch, while still providing 16 patented Multibox tilting and removable containers. These transparent containers are ideal for carrying a stock of spares and fasteners in perfect order and perfectly visible at all times.

The racking in the first van, on the other hand, is designed to provide a work space and far greater storage capacity. This configuration is made up of an enclosed floor-level compartment, a robust pull-out bench with a metal vice, three shelves with Euronorm containers, a row of Syncro’s exclusive pull-out transparent containers with internal space dividers, and a top shelf. This van too is equipped with a paper roll holder, one of the most popular accessories with Syncro System customers.

If you don’t have enough space inside, don’t forget the roof!

The choices made by the owners of these two Transporters differ most clearly on the roof. Only the first van has been equipped with a roof rack.

The model selected is a complete roof rack with a roller at the rear for easier loading and unloading and side fences to stop cargo from sliding off. Syncro can also fit your Transporter roof rack with an aluminium or stainless-steel pipe carrier, and one or two ladder slides. If you wish, you can even install a steel walkway and a rear access ladder to make climbing on to and moving around on the roof safe and easy.

Still in doubt? You can trust the racking specialists!

98% of Syncro customers express complete satisfaction with the service received, so don’t wait to book an obligation-free consultation with our expert racking team!

If you would like to see more racking systems, look here for Transporter solutions or here for systems designed with electricians in mind.





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