A VW Transporter with Ecoflow

A VW Transporter with Syncro racking and an Ecoflow power station

The racking that Syncro System installed in this VW Transporter stands out for the rational arrangement of its parts. The drawers, shelves and enclosed compartments are all located along the right side and bulkhead. The left side wall is dedicated to cargo retaining accessories. This allows even bulky cargo to be carried while still leaving enough space to move around in the centre of the van. Large items can rest against the side of the van where they are safely secured. The other key feature of this solution is not easy to see as it is hidden away inside the racking. The floor-level compartment on the right houses an eco-friendly, portable Ecoflow power station that provides electrical energy in all situations.

A complete set of liners for the VW Transporter

A complete set of liners is always a good idea and in some cases is absolutely essential! It all depends on how intensively the van is used, what is carried on board, and how material is moved around inside. The owner of this Volkswagen Transporter rightly decided to choose the highest possible level of protection. In addition to a marble-look plywood floor liner, the van is also fitted with painted steel lining panels on all surfaces – walls, doors and even the roof. The only surface left in its “original” finish is the bulkhead behind the cab.

Cargo retaining accessories on the left of the Transporter

The left side of the van is dedicated entirely to supporting and securing transported material. The wall has been fitted with two parallel sections of slider bar. The lower is equipped with a universal clamp, the upper with four movable telescopic hooks. This type of bar can also be fitted with other accessories, including attachments for lashing straps, cable holders, neodymium magnets and plastic clips. Browse the Syncro System catalogue to see our full range of cargo retaining accessories for vans, including those designed for use with slider bar.

Syncro racking and an Ecoflow unit on the right of the Transporter

The right side of this VW Transporter serves as storage and work area. Two cargo lashing systems with milled rails, quick-release attachments and heavy duty straps are fitted facing the centre of the van. The racking and accessories also include:

Ecoflow: fully integrated and hidden away, but essential!

The floor-level compartment at the bottom of the right side racking houses a 1400 W Ecoflow power station and a 220 V (0.75 kW, 110 l/min) compressor. The Ecoflow unit incorporates a battery, battery charger and inverter and powers the nearby compressor. It can also be used to power other electrical tools and electronic devices thanks to 220 V sockets and USB ports. The unit is also connected to a multi-socket on the racking near the van’s side door. Ecoflow power stations can be recharged from the mains, the van’s own alternator or from clean-energy solar panels on the van’s roof.

The Transporter’s well-equipped bulkhead

On the bulkhead of this Transporter the Syncro team installed a racking column consisting of a floor-level case compartment with hooks and lashing straps, three configurable shelves with non-slip mats and two metal drawers. The surface facing the side door is fitted with a small cable holder and a large metal pocket. Thanks to the equally spaced holes in Syncro Ultra side panels, the customer can install, move and combine these accessories at any time to suit his needs.

The Transporter’s roof rack

The roof of this Volkswagen Transporter is fitted with an aluminium roof rack consisting of cross bars, side fences, a rear loading roller and a square section pipe carrier with an access door at the rear. This roof rack is part of the Ultrasilent range. A patented rubber profile under the frontmost cross bar guarantees a significant reduction in wind noise and vibration when the van is moving at speed.

Do you want your Transporter to be fully equipped and 100% autonomous?

If you want to make your own Transporter more practical and improve your own efficiency at work, ask your nearest Syncro System dealer for free advice.

In the meantime, take a look here to see other Transporter racking solutions.





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