A van for bakery service technicians

A van for installing bakery machines and systems

When it comes to buying a new van, the choice of model is generally dictated by the nature of the user’s work: the vehicle described here is a perfect example. This van is a high roof Renault Trafic, in other words the most spacious version of an already large van. The company that bought it and commissioned Syncro to fit it out produces, installs and services machines for industrial and small scale bread and cake bakeries. The need to transport parts for very large ovens dictated the choice of a high roof model. When it came to deciding on a racking system, this same requirement also dictated the choice of a minimal solution that leaves plenty of room free for cargo. Syncro’s answer to these requirements assumes the following form: 
  • Just one column of racking on the left of the van, near the bulkhead;
  • Robust lining throughout the van’s interior;
  • Numerous cargo retaining systems.
Let’s look at the solution in greater detail.

Body liners for the bakery service’s Trafic

Robust protective lining is of primary importance if you need to carry large, heavy parts or machines in your van.  Most of the damage inflicted on van bodywork occurs during loading operations: items can slip and fall against the floor or walls of the vehicle. Pushing heavy loads around inside the van can also scratch or dent fragile floor and body panels. Though minor damage of this type may appear insignificant at first, it can easily lead to rust and, in just a few years, result in perforation of the bodywork.  Syncro System’s robust liners solve this problem once and for all!  This service engineers’ Trafic is fitted out as follows. 
  • → The floor is protected by a marble-look birch plywood floor liner with a surface pattern that hides minor defects like small marks, stains and scratches.
  • → The bulkhead is protected by a panel of the same material, fitted with two metal cargo retaining rails.
  • → The walls and the top sections of the doors are protected with painted sheet metal panels.
  • → The wheel arches are enclosed by steel surrounds and front panels in marble-look plywood.

Minimum racking for maximum space

As already stated, the installation of just one column of racking in such a large van leaves more than enough floor space free for cargo.  The racking is located in the innermost corner of the van and consists of a case transport compartment at the bottom, two drawers, and three open shelves at the top.  The case retaining system in the open compartment at floor level is formed by a metal bar and a shuttle with a ratchet locking mechanism that can be adjusted to hold however many tool and component cases the user needs to carry. This system provides a user-friendly and secure way to transport the many cases that service engineers typically need.  The steel drawers have recessed plastic handles at the front and metal space dividers and non-slip mats inside to keep contents safe and separate.  The shelves are fitted with mats and space dividers too and feature a practical design with high backs and lower front panels for easy access to contents.

Accessories: the main objective is to keep cargo secure

Syncro System’s catalogue contains a vast range of accessories. Three are installed in this service engineers’ Traffic. The van carries a first aid kit, fixed to the top of the left side wall near the rear door and cargo rails along both side walls and at two different heights on the bulkhead. Used in conjunction with hooks and straps, these rails are ideal for retaining all kinds of cargo and guarantee secure transport and easy operation. Finally, the van is also fitted with an LED ceiling light to ensure adequate illumination of the cargo space.





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