Racking solutions for the 2022 Fiat DOBLÒ

Doblò 2022: the fifth generation has arrived

The latest Doblò appeared in June 2022, but the model actually dates back to the year 2000. This medium size van from Italian manufacturer Fiat, now marketed under the Fiat Professional brand, has always been popular for its compact overall dimensions, agility and modern equipment. Now in its fifth generation, the Doblò is also available as the all-electric E-Doblò. One characteristic of the new version that many tradesmen appreciate is the Magic Cargo feature, which lets you increase cargo volume by a further 0.5 cubic metres to carry long objects like pipes and ladders. Whatever version of the 2022 Doblò you choose, Syncro System can convert it into a highly functional mobile workshop.

Racking on one side of the 2022 Doblò

If you have bought a new 2022 Doblò and are looking for the best way to fit it out, consider installing racking on only one side. This is the solution Syncro System generally recommends if you need plenty of free floor space for carrying bulky equipment or materials. The above photos illustrate a van fitted out in this way. The racking is confined to the left side and consists of a partly enclosed floor-level compartment, a case compartment with a lashing strap, a set of case trays with Galaxy plastic cases, configurable shelves and two rows of pull-out transparent containers at the top. As you can see, the decision to equip just one wall has hardly limited the design or functionality of this racking system!

The 2022 Doblò with racking on both sides

If you would prefer to have racking on both sides of your 2022 Doblò, you can trust us to do the job properly. The Syncro team will listen to your needs and design the perfect system for you. The van in these photos is a good example. The racking on the left is divided into three levels. There are two large compartments at floor level, one with a lift-up door, the other with a cargo lashing strap. The central section contains a set of case trays, a drawer and a configurable shelf. At the top is a full-length shelf with non-slip mat and internal space dividers. The rear-facing side of the racking is equipped with a spray can rack and a paper roll holder. The racking on the right serves as storage for spares and small parts. The configuration starts with a floor-level compartment with a door. Above this are five rows of transparent containers, some pull-out and some tilting. The bulkhead has been equipped with a cable holder and a bar with hooks, strap and sliding attachments.

Underfloor drawers for the 2022 Doblò

Syncro underfloor storage is a great way to optimise the space in medium size vans like the 2022 Doblò. The underfloor frame is made entirely from steel and aluminium and is strong enough to support a walkable floor panel. The system can contain two drawers (or one drawer and a shelf) accessible from the rear of the van and another drawer accessible from the side door. The raised floor can have racking and accessories installed on it, as in the case of the van seen here.

A 2022 Doblò converted into a mobile workshop with racking and a roof rack

There is virtually no limit to the racking solutions available for the 2022 Doblò. Here is another example, this time equipped with a roof rack complete with rear loading roller and side fences. The racking in this van is arranged along both walls and includes a cabinet of tilting transparent containers on the floor facing the rear doors, a pull-out vice bench and various cargo retaining accessories, including a bar rack located at the vehicle’s side door.

Discover Syncro’s lining systems for the 2022 Doblò and roof racks for the 2022 Doblò.





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