Racking for the 2022 Movano Opel

In 2021, Opel launched its latest Movano with best-in-class figures for load, volume and overall weight. The 2022 Movano comes in a wide range of versions and in various heights and lengths, making it well suited to all kinds of work. The latest innovations have made the van more environment-friendly too, thanks to Euro 6 diesel engines, which boast reduced consumption and emissions. The van’s cargo compartment is quite spacious and easy for the Syncro team to transform into a mobile workshop that meets the needs of the individual customer. So let’s take a look at some examples of Syncro transformations of the 2022 Movano.

Racking on just one side of a 2022 Movano L3H2

The 2022 Movano can have racking installed on just one side, on both sides and even on both sides and the bulkhead. The choice depends on your own requirements and on how much floor space you need to carry large items of cargo. The photos above illustrate a Movano in which the left has been fully lined for maximum protection but left completely free, apart from a bar with adjustable and movable hooks at the top and a cargo lashing rail half way up. The right of the van is fitted with a racking configuration consisting of nine configurable shelves, two sealed trays for transporting cans of liquid and a floor-level compartment with a lashing strap.

Racking and a locker in a 2022 Opel Movano L3H2

In this 2022 Movano, racking occupies nearly all three walls. On the left we have a series of metal drawers with automatic retaining mechanisms, a number of configurable shelves and a full-length top tray with a fold down-door at the back for carrying long objects. Two large compartments near the bulkhead have been left free and fitted only with cargo lashing systems. These can be used to carry a compressor, as in this case, or any other item that takes up a lot of space and has to be held securely in place when the van is on the move. The racking on the right consists of shelves, compartments with doors and a row of removable plastic containers at the top. The system is completed by a bulkhead configuration comprising a locker, a fold-away vice bench and a floor-level compartment.

A well-accessoried mobile workshop in a 2022 Opel Movano L2H2

All versions of the 2022 Movano can be made so much more functional by adding the right van accessories. The Movano in these photos, for example, is equipped with various cargo retaining accessories:

  • On the right rear door we can see a custom-made equipment holder.
  • The left door is fitted with a bar and strap and a second bar with adjustable, movable hooks at the top to hold a step ladder. There is also a cleaning accessory, a handwash kit with water container and tap at the bottom of the door.
  • The rearward side panel of the left racking is fitted with a multi-purpose metal pocket, a spray can rack and, at the bottom. a section of bar with a magnet.
  • The forward side panel of the right racking is equipped with a bar with strap and sliding fittings and a cable holder. The plywood liner that protects the bulkhead is accessoried with a hose reel and, at the bottom, a bar with a strap and sliding fittings.

The 2022 Movano can also be equipped with lighting, ventilation and security accessories.

Transparent containers in a 2022 Movano L1H1

Transparent containers, whether pull-out or tilting like the ones seen here, are a great form of storage for vans. They can hold large amounts of small spare parts, fasteners and sundries and let you see exactly what and how much is inside. Transparent containers really are the ideal solution for never running out of, or failing to find, small but essential items! All versions of the 2022 Movano can be customised with a choice of accessories to satisfy specific needs. The van in these photos is a good example. It has been fitted with cargo bars that form a “U” shape near the rear doors, creating a barrier that supports bulky cargo and stops it striking against the racking when the van is on the road.





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