Expert with racking for an industrial refrigeration service

A racking system for industrial a refrigeration service in a Peugeot Expert

If your work involves installing and servicing any kind of industrial system, you need a properly equipped van to carry everything you need to the work site and to present an efficient, professional image to your clients. The photos on this page illustrate a Peugeot Expert fitted out by Syncro System for a company that specialises in industrial refrigeration systems and provides services from installation and maintenance to repairs in the event of malfunctions or breakdowns. The Expert is a small van, but the cargo compartment has been effectively laid out and provides plenty of room for carrying tools, equipment, spares and materials safely and conveniently.

Liners… the starting point for all good racking systems

As always, the first thing the Syncro System installation team did was look at the walls, doors and floor of this Expert, because thin bodywork can easily be spoiled by wear, impacts and scratches if left unprotected. Luckily, such damage is easily prevented by Syncro van liners. This particular Expert is equipped with a plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface, while the walls and doors are lined with pre-shaped, pre-drilled panels made from painted steel. Thanks to these liners, the bodywork of this van is well protected against acid, water and any other liquid that might get spilled on to the floor, and against wear and the sort of dents caused by falling objects.

Robust work surfaces and secure cargo lashing systems

The left and right sides of this Expert for servicing industrial refrigeration are fitted out in similar ways, to provide solid bases for work surfaces and to secure bulky cargo safely and securely. The wheel arches on both sides of the van are enclosed by floor-level compartments that are partly closed at the front by a full access door. At the top, both compartments support robust worktops in marble-look plywood. These benches have a dual purpose: they serve as worktops for repairs and can be used to carry whatever material is secured to the van’s walls by the lashing accessories located above.

Cargo lashing accessories: indispensable for convenience and safety

In this Expert, cargo can be secured in two ways:

Storage for tools and spares on the bulkhead

The only closed containers in this Expert are installed on the bulkhead. The racking here consists of a floor-level case compartment with a lashing strap, six drawers with automatic retaining mechanisms and ten pull-out transparent containers with internal partitions. A pull-out vice bench, complete with metal vice, is sandwiched between the case compartment and the drawers. The vice bench is installed at exactly the right height for use from outside the van. One of the key features of Syncro Ultra racking is its total modularity and versatility: customers are completely free to decide where to position and how to combine racking elements right from the design stage. The Syncro design and installation team can transform any request into a 100% functional racking system.

Interested in a similar racking solution?

If the racking solution described here has given you an idea for your own van, save this page and show it to our experts when you come to discuss your own ideal racking system! If, instead, you want to see other racking solutions for the Expert, start here.

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