A VW ID Buzz electric van with Syncro racking

Syncro’s first racking system in an all-electric van

There’s always a first time. After nearly thirty years of experience in van racking, Syncro System recently accepted and neatly overcame a new challenge: to design and install a system of racking and accessories in an all-electric van.

The vehicle in question was an ID Buzz Cargo from Volkswagen, a model that was only launched in 2023. This particular van came straight to our workshops to be upgraded into a mobile workshop. The ID Buzz Cargo is characterised by a powerful but ecological all-electric drive system. It also represents a good compromise when it comes to long-distance capabilities and a cargo compartment large enough to serve as a mobile workshop for on-site operations. So let’s take a closer look at how Syncro went about transforming this VW ID Buzz Cargo.

Custom liners for the Volkswagen ID Buzz

As always, the first thing the Syncro team did with this ID Buzz was to line its interior. The bodywork of all vans needs to be properly protected against dents and scratches to extend their working life and avoid costly repair bills! One of the features of the ID Buzz is a plywood cargo floor that does not need the addition of a floor liner. Racking can be fixed directly to the original floor. Nevertheless, should users wish to reinforce the original surface, Syncro System offers a wide range of marble-look resin and rubber coated plywood floor liners, and aluminium models too.

The van’s rear doors were lined with steel panels to provide a robust base for the accessories and to protect the original door panels during loading and unloading operations.

A complete Syncro racking system on the left of the VW ID Buzz

Despite the compact dimensions of this van, the amazing flexibility of Syncro racking made it easy to find a great custom solution for the needs of its owner. The left side of this service engineer’s VW ID Buzz Cargo is fitted with:

  • two floor-level compartments, a small one with a lift-and-rotate door whose patented hinge system allows unrestricted access, and a larger one with a case transport kit consisting of hooks, straps and an end plate
  • two pull-out trays with Syncro metal cases, another unique product with a patented, automatic retaining mechanism that prevents breakages in the event of a collision or misuse
  • three metal drawers with non-slip mats and internal space dividers
  • one configurable shelf
  • a row of tilting transparent containers with no protruding parts, made from an amazingly tough, impact and UV resistant material
  • a full-length top tray with an access door at the rear

A space-saving solution on the right of the VW ID Buzz

The solution on the right of this service engineer’s ID Buzz is a great example of how to save floor space. The only racking as such is a pair of compact cabinets of Multibox pull-out transparent containers. This patented product takes up very little room in the back of the van and leaves the floor beneath free for cargo.

Accessories for the ID Buzz

Cargo carrying accessories: the rear-facing side panel on the left of the van is fitted with a fire extinguisher bracket and a rack for silicone cartridges and nozzles; the right wall is fitted with a milled rail with Airline holes for use with lashing straps, rings or cargo bars; the bulkhead is fitted with two sections of Syncroblock slider bar, which is compatible with many different accessories, including the cable holder seen here.

Cleaning accessories: our technicians installed a handwash kit consisting of a water tank with tap and a paper roll holder on the left rear door.

Other accessories: a first aid kit occupies very little space on the right wall of the ID Buzz.

Security accessories: the van’s rear doors are fitted with a high-security lock, an excellent deterrent against potential thieves.

Total efficiency from the ID Buzz thanks to a Syncro roof rack

A roof rack can greatly increase your van’s carrying capacity, especially if you drive a small model.

Syncro’s technicians fitted this VW ID Buzz Cargo with a roof rack consisting of aluminium cross bars, side fences and a rear loading roller. The front cross bar is equipped with Syncro’s patented Ultrasilent profile, which breaks up the air flow and reduces noise and vibration inside the cab for a more comfortable driving experience.

Have you bought an all-electric van? You can trust the racking specialists

Syncro System has nearly thirty years of specialist experience in van racking. Our dealers look forward to meeting you and to designing a fully customised racking solution for you and your own vehicle.

Whether you drive an all-electric, hybrid or conventional van, you can rely on Syncro’s expertise in designing racking solutions for all needs. So, book a completely free consultation now!

Want to find out more about van racking? You can download the Syncro van racking guide free of charge here.

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