A Citroën Jumper for a forklift maintenance business

A good example of a logical racking system

The Citroen Jumper in these photos is an excellent example of how to divide racking into two sections, one equipped for storing spare parts, fasteners and components, the other organised as a work zone with storage for tools and equipment. The design of this system accurately meets the needs of the user, who services fork lifts at his own customers’ premises.

The Jumper’s liners

To complete this racking project, the Syncro System team started, as always, by protecting the internal surfaces of the van’s cargo compartment with robust liners:
  • in a plywood floor liner with a marble-look finish to provide a perfectly level surface for walking on, supporting heavy loads and providing a safe, non-slip surface
  • painted steel panels on the walls and doors, an ideal way to keep the van’s interior damage-free and provide support for the racking and accessories

The left side of the Jumper: work zone and equipment storage

Let’s look first at the van’s left side, which is fitted out as an area for adjustments, repairs and maintenance work. In the area nearest the rear doors we can see a robust work bench with a marble-look plywood top, raised edges and a steel vice. Under the worktop is a series of metal drawers which can be fitted with dividers as needed to create different internal compartments. The remaining space along this wall is filled with plain shelves for the technician’s tools and equipment. The three floor-level compartments have been turned into useful storage by the addition of small but important details:
  • A lift-and-rotate door has turned the awkward space over the wheel arch into a practical, enclosed compartment.
  • A sealed, stainless steel tray has transformed the second compartment into safe storage for cans and liquid containers in general. The tray can be removed quickly and easily for cleaning if a spill occurs.
  • A bar and strap retaining system has allowed a compressor to be transported in complete safety in the frontmost compartment.
At the top of the racking on this side of the van is a full-length top tray with a fold-down door at the back.

The right side of the Jumper: storage for spares and sundries

On the right side, different racking elements have been combined to achieve the same objective: to carry large quantities of different items:
  • Shelves with plastic containers in two different sizes. These easily removable containers even have a space for label at the front.
  • Cabinets of pull-out containers in PMMA, a tough, transparent plastic.
  • Cabinets of tilting transparent containers, in a reduced depth version designed for installation at the top of the van, where the walls start to slope inwards, leaving less room.
  • A large, lockable, double-door locker which can be used for storing work clothes and safety shoes or for any other purpose.

Multi-purpose areas: the central corridor and the bulkhead

The word ‘multi-purpose’ is perfectly suited to two highly versatile areas in this van, which can be used as and when needed to carry all kinds of cargo.
  • The central corridor between the two racking sections is fitted with two parallel milled rails with airline top profiles. These rails can be used to secure lashing strap attachments or to fit vertical cargo bars for supporting and securing bulky or heavy objects and keeping them away from the racking.
  • The bulkhead is equipped with a cable holder and a bar and strap cargo retaining system able to secure all kinds of cargo thanks to an adjustable strap and movable attachments.
  • Want to view other racking solutions for the Jumper? Start here! For other models of van used by fork lift service technicians, look here and here.





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