Racking for the Maxus eDELIVER9

100% electric, 100% functional: the new Maxus eDELIVER9

Maxus is the commercial vehicle brand of the Chinese group SAIC Motor, the world’s seventh largest automotive conglomerate. The eDELIVER9 is an all-electric medium-large van that offers zero emissions from a 203 HP electric motor. The eDELIVER9 features a robust design and dynamic handling. The van comes in L2H2, L3H2 and L3H3 versions offering cargo volumes from 9.7 to 12.33 cubic metres and a maximum load of between 800 and 1200 kg. The rear doors of the L3 versions open through 236° for easy access. A Syncro System racking solution can transform all Maxus models into great mobile workshops. Let’s take a look at one example.

A complete racking solution for the Maxus eDELIVER9

Syncro System can transform your van into a wonderfully functional mobile workshop with racking tailored to meet your needs. With Syncro, all van conversions are fully customised on the basis of customer specifications and requirements. These photos illustrate what we mean.

The van seen here has been given a complete set of protective liners. The floor is protected by a marble-look plywood liner and the same material has been used to cover the bulkhead too. The side walls are lined with pre-painted steel panels, while the doors are protected by panels of aluminium chequer plate. Racking has been installed along both sides of the van and carefully selected accessories occupy the rear doors and bulkhead.

The left of the eDELIVER9: the workshop area

If we look more closely, we can see that the left of this Maxus eDELIVER9 is fitted out as the van’s workshop area, with plenty of place for tools, small items and spare parts as well as a generous work bench for repairs and modifications. The left side of the van has been fitted with the following:

  • a floor-level compartment with lift-up and lift-and-rotate doors, used to house a compact compressor
  • six metal drawers with non-slip mats and internal dividers
  • a marble-look plywood work bench with a raised rear edge to stop things falling down behind it
  • a second floor-level compartment fitted with a case transport kit consisting of a bar, a strap and hooks on sliding attachments
  • three configurable shelves
  • a full-length top tray with an access door at the rear
  • a fold-away bench with an extensible support and a steel vice.

The right of the Maxus eDELIVER9: ample space for storage

The right of this eDELIVER9 is almost entirely dedicated to storage. The one column of racking extends for the full height of the wall and provides five configurable shelves, each with a non-slip mat and a raised rear panel for greater capacity. At the top is a cabinet of transparent tilting containers. These are a great way to carry small items as everything is held securely inside but is clearly visible, meaning no time is wasted in searching for what you need and there is no risk of running out of essential stock.

A van hoist in the Maxus eDELIVER9

The floor near the right side rear door has been equipped with a post-mounted hoist. A hoist is an essential accessory if your work involves loading and unloading heavy equipment. This hoist has a 200 kg load capacity and consists of a motor mounted on a folding arm. When not in use, the hoist therefore takes up very little space. This highly functional item of equipment can even be remotely controlled.

Accessories for the eDELIVER9

This Maxus eDELIVER9 has been equipped with various accessories that the customer selected on the basis of his working requirements. In particular, we can see:

  • on the left hand rear door, a complete set of cleaning accessories in the form of a handwash kit with water tank and tap, a soap dispenser, and a paper roll holder
  • on the right rear door, a bracket for a fire extinguisher
  • a first aid kit, installed where it is immediately accessible on the side of the racking over the work bench
  • on the forward-facing side of the right racking, a bar rack and lashing strap
  • on the bulkhead, a cargo lashing system comprising a bar, a strap and hooks on sliding attachments
  • finally, under the roof, LED ceiling lights to illuminate the interior and an outward-facing LED spotlight for illuminating the area immediately behind the van

Want to learn more about liners for the Maxus eDELIVER9? Check out this page.





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