Powerful compressor-generator in a Daily for utility service

Daily, the big van from Iveco

The Iveco Daily is one of the most successful large vans on the road. Its robust build and practical design make it particularly popular with users who operate in harsh conditions. A large, square-section load compartment and a robust beam chassis allow the Daily to carry bulky and heavy loads and also make it the ideal base for a practical, fully equipped mobile workshop. The gearbox configuration in versions with a PTO facilitates the installation of hydraulic motors for driving accessories like the powerful compressor-generator-hydraulic power combo included in the racking system illustrated on this page.

Racking for a utility service company’s Daily

Let’s proceed one step at a time. A utility service company asked Syncro to convert this Daily into an efficient mobile workshop for installing and maintaining drains, water treatment systems, water and gas supply pipes etc.. These roadside operations obviously benefit from a quick and agile vehicle like the Daily, but also demand powerful electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic tools, which need sources of power. The Syncro team satisfied this customer’s requirements by designing and installing a well-equipped mobile workshop complete with a combo driven by a hydraulic motor coupled to the gearbox PTO. This allows the van’s own engine to produce all the electrical energy, compressed air and hydraulic power needed for daily operations. The first step in the installation process was to protect the vehicle’s original bodywork. The floor was covered with a double layer floor liner in plywood and aluminium tread plate, capable of withstanding even the heaviest loads. The van walls and doors were protected with laser-cut lining panels in galvanised and painted steel sheet, while a double-wall compartment was installed at the bulkhead to provide storage for the crew’s own bags and belongings. The racking on the left side wall consists entirely of shelving, with eleven shelves and two floor-level compartments, one with a lift-and-rotate door for full-height access, and the other open, with a lashing strap for securing items of cargo. The top of the left side racking features a full-length tray with rear access door for carrying pipes, posts, cable channels and other long items.

A powerful but compact compressor + generator + hydraulic power combo

The part of the racking nearest the van’s rear doors houses the compressor-generator combo already referred to. This extraordinary unit is driven by the Daily’s own PTO and supplies all the electricity, compressed air and hydraulic power needed for daily operations. The compact combo in this particular racking system delivers 10 kW three phase or 4.5 kW single phase. Its built-in compressor delivers 800 litres/minute of air and incorporates a 25 tank. The combo also provides all the connections needed to drive the workshop’s hydraulic tools. Despite all these functions, the unit is extremely compact and lightweight. Since it does not require a motor or engine of its own, all the associated fuel and maintenance costs are eliminated too.

An efficient workshop on wheels for on-site work on water and gas pipes, drains and electrical power and telephone cables

The racking on the right side includes a work bench over a wheel arch cabinet with door, six large metal drawers and a shelf, with a work top in resinated plywood. At the top of the right side are two cabinets of tilting containers in transparent PMMA, ideal for storing parts where they are always visible and easily accessible. The racking itself is complemented by a number of useful accessories: a water canister with tap, a liquid soap dispenser and paper roll holder are provided for hand washing. A cable and extension holder is fitted on the right rear door, and accessories for securing long items like spades and shovels, etc. are provided at the bottom of the internal bulkhead.





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