A Caddy L2 with racking for an electrician

Focus on agility and flexibility: Syncro’s custom racking solutions for small vans

When a customer gets in touch with Syncro System, the first question we always ask is “What make and model of van do you have?”. Syncro can fit out any model of van, from the largest to the smallest. In 30 years of experience, we have designed racking solutions for over 90,000 vehicles, ranging in size from the small Panda Van to the largest Ducato. Thanks to the most versatile racking system on the market today, the result is always perfectly suited to the van in question and allows an optimum use of available space.

The photo gallery on this page illustrates a small Volkswagen Caddy L2 with a racking solution designed and installed by Syncro for an electrician. This simple but perfectly functional solution keeps everything in perfect order without taking up too much room inside the van.

The Caddy’s interior liners: the toughest on the market

The floor of the Caddy seen in these photos is protected by a marble-look plywood liner made by bonding multiple plies of birch wood together with phenolic adhesives. This production technique ensures exceptional resistance to humidity as well as excellent mechanical strength. Syncro floor liners are unique in two ways. Firstly, they are fitted with stainless-steel profiles at all exposed edges to make it almost impossible for damp to penetrate and, secondly, they are fitted with underside spacers to reinforce the surface wherever it is not supported by the ridges of the original sheet metal floor. The upper section of the doors has been protected by steel panels strong enough to support accessories.

Shelves and accessories on the left of the VW Caddy

In vans with limited roof height, like the Caddy seen here, it is particularly important to make the best possible use of interior space.

The left of this Caddy L2 is fitted with a simple racking system comprising two side panels and three horizontal elements: two configurable shelves with non-slip mats and a top shelf. The floor-level compartment is fitted with a lashing strap with hooks, a simple idea that nevertheless permits the safe transport of cargo in an otherwise awkward space. The unique design of Syncro side panels, with their equally spaced holes, allows accessories to be added quickly and safely. In this case the racking has been fitted with a spray can rack and a silicone cartridge holder. No extra drilling is needed, so if customers wish, they can move accessories around or add new ones at any time without assistance.

Syncro’s patented containers on the right of the Caddy

The right side of this electrician’s Caddy is equipped as follows:

  • Multibox transparent containers, made from PMMA, a patented Syncro product with unique characteristics. These containers are housed in modular metal cabinets. PMMA is a uniquely tough and long-lasting material that does not crack and fade and resists impact so well that it is used to make aircraft windows. This Caddy is equipped with six pull-out containers with internal dividers and another six tilting containers. The pull-out versions are located at the bottom and the tilting at the top. The tilting containers are particularly compact in size. This is one of the strategies Syncro uses to allow racking modules to follow the contours of the bodywork while keeping everything perfectly aligned at the front.
  • Removable plastic containers with specially shaped frames. In addition to being beautifully easy to remove and replace, these tough but lightweight blue containers also have a label holder at the front to describe their contents. Syncro is always coming up with new ways to make life easier for customers. Click here to find custom-made labels for all Syncro plastic containers, ready to download and print free of charge.

Only a few centimetres left? Syncro can still use them to save you space and effort

What if one of your requests seems impossible to meet? Nothing is impossible for Syncro System! Your satisfaction is our mission.

In this case, the customer wanted to carry a ladder inside the van and was looking for a cheap and practical solution that would also be perfectly safe and functional. No problem! We used the few centimetres remaining between the left side racking and the bulkhead. The ladder had to be easy to remove and replace through the van’s side door and also needed to be held securely in place while the van is on the move. To improve safety and stop the ladder sliding around, we installed a simple piece of plywood at floor level. For our complete range of ladder transport solutions, see also internal and external ladder racks and cargo retaining accessories.

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Our website illustrates hundreds of racking solutions. Click here for examples specific to the Caddy, or here for ones specific to electricians.

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