A 2021 VW for servicing air conditioners

All Syncro racking systems are unique, just like the one in this 2021 model year Caddy

Syncro’s racking specialists know how to get the most out of any van by designing unique racking systems that meet the needs of individual customers. On this page we present a solution installed in a Volkswagen Caddy, commissioned by a firm that services air conditioners and heat pumps.

The van is a small-medium L2H1 version but has been transformed into a fantastic mobile workshop by a racking solution that makes the most of every inch of space. Let’s take a closer look!

Syncro liners to protect the Caddy’s bodywork

Syncro has nearly thirty years of experience in van racking. We’ve done nothing else since 1996! Over these last three decades we have installed racking in over 90,000 vans. It’s because of this vast experience that our technicians are so confident about advising new customers how to choose the best possible racking solution.

The first thing we always recommend when a customer asks us for a racking system is to install bodywork protection first. Proper liners extend the life of your van and keep it in tip-top condition, reducing or eliminating the need for expensive repairs to dents or rust damage.

This particular VW Caddy for servicing air conditioners has been fitted with a plywood floor liner with a marble-look resin surface. Syncro floor liners are special because they come with stainless-steel profiles at all the exposed edges. This might seem like a minor detail but it makes the floor much stronger and protects it against rust for far longer.

How to save space and time with Syncro System’s transparent containers

It is clear that the racking system in this VW Caddy L2H1 is built around Syncro’s transparent containers. You can see them on the left and right sides, on the bulkhead behind the cab and even on the side of the racking at the rear doors. There are plenty of good reasons for this choice of storage. For a start, Syncro’s transparent containers are made from PMMA, a super-tough material that neither cracks nor turns yellow in time. Other benefits are obvious too:

  • You can see the contents even from outside.
  • There is no risk of running out of essential supplies.
  • You save time by not having to search for things.
  • The cargo compartment looks brighter.

Syncro Multibox transparent containers are patented. They have no protruding parts and each container is equipped with a button that automatically holds it closed, eliminating the risk of opening accidentally when the van is moving.

A perfectly organised Caddy thanks to Syncro

The racking in this Caddy for servicing air conditioners is made up as follows:

  • Left side. Two floor-level compartments with lift-and-rotate doors and four shelves with non-slip mats form the bottom section. At the top is a Multibox cabinet with 12 pull-out containers with internal space dividers. Another cabinet with three tilting transparent containers is mounted on the rear-facing side panel under a paper roll holder.
  • Right side. The racking here stands on a floor-level compartment with a door. Above this is a Multibox cabinet with eight containers and then two rows of tilting transparent containers in different sizes, giving a total of eight.
  • Bulkhead. A cabinet with six large pull-out transparent containers is installed at the top of the bulkhead.

Accessories, ramps and roof racks: how to create space

This Caddy meets the needs of its user to perfection but Syncro Ultra racking can be altered and supplemented at any time as needs change. If you wish, for example, you can add cargo retention, ventilation or internal or external lighting accessories. You can even increase the amount of cargo your van can carry by adding a roof rack. Or you can add a ramp to take the effort out of loading and unloading heavy equipment.

Do you own a Caddy? Do you service air conditioners? Listen to the experts’ advice!

If you own or plan to buy a Volkswagen Caddy, browse through some of the hundreds of racking solutions Syncro has already installed in this model, starting here.

If you are particularly interested in racking systems for air conditioning technicians, take a look at examples in these vans too: Fiat Talento - Opel Vivaro - Fiat Doblò.

Contact us to arrange an obligation-free consultation. You can trust the experts! We can help you achieve your full professional potential just as we have helped thousands of others who work with building systems.





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