Racking solutions for the 2021 VW Caddy

The 2021 Caddy: the spacious super-compact

At the end of 2020, Volkswagen launched its new Caddy, a super-compact van with a generous cargo compartment. In the Cargo Maxi version, this measures 4.150 metres in length by 1.230 in width at the wheel arches, giving a total volume of 3.7 cubic metres. The new Caddy is a van that drives like a car thanks to a direct steering system and improved aerodynamics compared to previous models. If you have chosen a VW Caddy for your work, a Syncro racking system could make your life a whole lot easier: not just tidier storage but less time wasted, more money saved and a more professional image too! The compact overall dimensions of the Caddy need not limit its versatility. The 2021 model can be fitted with Syncro System racking on just one side, on both sides or only at the bulkhead to suit your personal needs.

Racking on one side of the 2021 Caddy

Installing racking on only one side of the Caddy 2021 gives the clear advantage of leaving plenty of floor space free for carrying goods and materials. In the van seen here, the racking is confined to the left wall. The Syncro team has installed a configuration consisting of a floor-level compartment with a low door that fold down to provide unrestricted access, four metal drawers with non-slip mats and two configurable shelves. Liners were installed before the racking was put in place. The van is fitted with a marble-look plywood floor liner.

Racking on both sides of the 2021 Caddy

With racking along both side walls, the 2021 Caddy becomes a practical workshop on wheels, with plenty of orderly and instantly accessible storage for spare parts, consumables and tools. In the van seen here, the left side is configured as a workshop area, with a floor-level tool case compartment with hooks and straps and a pull-out bench with a metal vice. The racking also contains a number of metal drawers and shelves with internal space dividers and non-slip mats. The right wall serves as storage area, with two shelves with space dividers and two rows of tilting transparent containers in two different sizes.

Racking of different heights in the 2021 Caddy

Of course, when fitting out your 2021 VW Caddy, there’s no need to keep all the racking at the same height. In the van seen here the racking on the left extends to roof height and includes two large shelves enclosed by doors and a central section of drawers. The racking on the right, however, is a special, half-height configuration made to the customer’s own specifications and designed to secure tools and equipment vertically using a combination of cargo retaining systems.

Racking on the bulkhead of the 2021 Caddy

The bulkhead of the 2021 Caddy can be used as a third “wall” for racking. Suitably equipped, it can provide useful storage space while leaving the rest of the floor free for carrying even large, bulky items of equipment. The above photos illustrate an example of racking on the Caddy’s bulkhead. The configuration consists of an open floor-level compartment, one large metal drawer and two configurable shelves at the top. The rest of the cargo compartment is free for carrying cargo, though it has been adequately protected with interior liners to prevent damage. The van has also been fitted with a roof rack, complete with rear loading roller, to provide additional carrying capacity for cargo, equipment and materials.

Follow these links to see custom-made roof racks for the 2021 Caddy or lining systems for the 2021 Caddy.





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