Two custom racking solutions for the 2021 VW Caddy

The 2021 VW Caddy: a new model with lots of potential

Volkswagen introduced the latest Caddy in 2021. The new van stands out for its compact design and for a cargo compartment that, though far from capacious, is extremely functional and versatile, especially when racking is constructed using Syncro’s fully customisable Ultra system. This page illustrates two examples of the new van, both fitted out for installation firms that work with heating, air conditioning and photovoltaic energy systems. The solutions chosen by the two customers are radically different: racking on the bulkhead only in one case, and racking on both sides of the van in the other.

The right way to start: lining for the 2021 Caddy

All van users need to protect their vehicles’ bodywork, but Syncro offers a wide choice of materials and liners. Both the Caddy vans seen on this page have been protected with marble-look plywood floor liners and painted steel wall and door liners. The only difference is that in the second van, the user decided not to line the left wall as this is already partly protected by the racking.

A VW Caddy with racking on the bulkhead only

The only racking in this 2021 Caddy has been installed on the bulkhead behind the cab. This solution leaves the floor almost completely free for carrying material, spares and even large items of cargo. For everything else, there’s the roof! The customer has chosen to install a roof rack consisting of cross bars with the Ultrasilent rubber profile, side fences and a rear roller for easy loading. The racking itself consists of a floor-level compartment, one metal drawer and two shelves with non-slip mats and internal space dividers. The van’s side and rear doors have been fitted with UFO security locks for extra protection against theft of valuable cargo.

A Caddy with racking on both sides

The Caddy seen in these photos has racking on both sides but the bulkhead has been left free apart from a cargo retaining system based on milled bar. The racking on the left consists of:

  • a cabinet with eight tilting transparent containers facing the rear doors
  • a floor-level compartment fully enclosed by a bottom profile and a lift-up door
  • three metal drawers of different sizes, all with non-slip mats and, depending on height, internal space dividers for creating separate compartments and storing contents in a more logical manner
  • a shelf with a top-pivot door

The racking on the right is fully customised and formed by combining two side panels with two plain metal panels. Two sections of milled bar have been fitted to the front panel to complement the hook and strap system at the bottom of the unit and allow it to serve two purposes: carrying long objects inside and lashing cargo to the outside using rings, straps with buckles or ratchet tensioners or even cargo bars engaged in the rails. On the racking near the van’s side door is a fold-away table in marble-look plywood that occupies virtually no space in stowed position.

Want to see other racking solutions for the Caddy?

If the solutions illustrated on this page do not quite meet your needs, or if you would simply like to see more examples of how Syncro System racking and accessories can transform a Caddy, start looking here. If you would like to visit pages dedicated to racking systems for this kind of work, this is the place to start.

Syncro racking centres always design racking systems on the basis of customer needs, so get in touch now! Together we can find the perfect solution for your van!





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