A 2021 VW Caddy for installing electrical systems

A compete racking solution for an electrical business in a 2021 VW Caddy

The customer who commissioned this particular racking solution for a model year 2021 VW Caddy installs, maintains and repairs electrical systems for electrical energy production and distribution as well as lightning protection and access automation systems. This linear racking solution is complemented by basic bodywork protection for the van and features columns of racking on both sides.

Liners in the 2021 VW Caddy

Before starting to install the racking as such, the Syncro team first installed bodywork liners – a necessary step to protect the van’s interior for years to come. This 2021 Caddy is fitted with only a plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface. This level of protection is really the minimum indispensable. Syncro floor liners come cut to shape and form a perfectly level walkable floor while protecting the van’s original floor against wear and damage by constant loading and unloading. The floor liner is fitted with stainless steel edge protectors at the doors. These serve the dual purpose of protecting the otherwise exposed edges of the plywood liner and providing effective grip for persons entering and leaving the van.

A fully customised racking solution for the 2021 Caddy

The left of the Caddy is equipped with:

  • a configurable shelf on the floor, complete with a non-slip mat
  • three metal drawers coupled with three metal case trays (both types of unit are equipped with ball-bearing runners and automatic retaining mechanisms for closed position and both open all the way for easy access)
  • another two drawers coupled with an open shelf
  • a configurable top shelf

All the shelves are equipped with raised rear panels to increase carrying capacity and stop small items falling down between the shelf and the van’s bodywork. The higher shelves are longer than the racking underneath and extend to the bulkhead, creating a compartment that can be used to house a vertical compressor or other similar equipment. The original and unique way in which the horizontal elements of the racking are combined is worth notice as it demonstrates the amazing flexibility of the Ultra racking system.

Shelves on the right of the new Caddy

The racking on the right of this 2021 Caddy consists of two side panels and two shelves arranged in a way that suits the needs of the customer. The floor-level compartment is partly enclosed by a small lift-and-rotate door that provides easy access but effectively contains whatever is placed inside. Above this is an open shelf with a marble-look plywood work surface for supporting large items, held in place by a system of hooks and straps at the front. The column is completed by a configurable shelf at the top.

The Caddy’s accessories

This 2021 VW Caddy is equipped with:

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Want to transform your own 2021 Caddy into a mobile workshop?

It’s easy! Just get in touch with your nearest Syncro System dealer to book a no-obligation consultation. Syncro installation centres can translate your requirements into a fully customised racking solution for your van. The Syncro Ultra racking system is fully compatible with all user needs. Any component can be combined with any other in whatever position you find most convenient.





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