A VW Caddy VW for installing security systems

A racking system in a VW Caddy for installing security systems

Though Syncro racking is suitable for all applications, specific and custom solutions can easily be devised to suit the needs of individual users.

Syncro’s vast experience in van racking plus determination to offer customers effective, personalised solutions ensure the sort of efficiency and speed that has achieved almost total customer satisfaction.

The racking solution seen on this page is for a small company that installs and services residential and commercial security and fire prevention systems. The van is a Volkswagen Caddy, a model that, though compact, offers plenty of scope for improvement with a functional choice of racking and accessories.

Liners before racking... always a good idea!

The motto of all Syncro System racking installers is simple: protection before racking. Proper liners can save you expensive repairs for dents and scratches. They help prevent rust too. This VW Caddy is fitted with a plywood floor liner with a marble-look resin surface. The liner forms a flat, even and walkable surface, reinforces the original floor and and prevents the infiltration of damp thanks to a unique design that incorporates supporting spacers and stainless-steel edge profiles and anchor ring cups.

A storage area on the left of the Caddy

This Caddy has racking only on one side. The right of the van, where the side door is located, has been left completely free while all the racking is concentrated on the left. This racking system is unusual in that its various sections vary in depth. The configuration consists of:

  • A shuttle-type case transport system at floor level. This open compartment is equipped with a kit comprising an end plate against which the first case rests and a shuttle that slides along a rail at the top. The shuttle presses against the cases to hold them in place and is extremely easy to adjust.
  • A configurable shelf with a non-slip mat.
  • Two trays with plastic component cases.
  • An exclusive, modular Multibox cabinet of compact transparent containers, with a work surface to protect the top of the compartments underneath.
  • A top tray of the same depth as the bottom section to make full use of available space. One of the unique characteristics of Syncro racking is its ability to form offset, asymmetric configurations to optimise available space.

The freedom of combination of Syncro racking means that almost any configuration of horizontal elements is possible!

Syncro racking and accessories make you a better professional!

There’s no doubt that a well-equipped van helps you work more efficiently, especially if your job involves system installation and maintenance. This kind of work requires a wide range of tools, spares and fasteners, and having the right equipment saves you both time and money! Syncro accessories play an important role in maintaining order and are amazingly versatile too: they can be installed, moved and removed to suit your needs.

This security firm’s VW Caddy is fitted with two accessories: a bar rack and a cable holder, both located on the rear-facing side panel, but the owners are free to add others at any time, choosing from a vast range of cleaning, ventilation, lighting and security accessories.

A roof rack for the safe transport of bulky items on the Caddy

Syncro System also offers an extensive selection of van roof racks for all makes and models, in multiple variants to suit the needs of individual users. The Caddy seen here is equipped with a roof rack that incorporates a rear loading roller, side fences to stop cargo slipping off and a front cross bar with an Ultrasilent profile. This profile is one of the features that make Syncro roof racks unique: its ridged surface breaks up the air flow as it strikes the first cross bar, leading to a significant reduction in noise and vibration and improving driver and passenger comfort when the van is moving. Syncro also supplies walkways, pipe carriers and ladder slides for use with roof racks.

Trust the experts: arrange a no-obligation consultation with a Syncro expert

If you have just bought a VW Caddy or are planning to buy one soon, or if you want to upgrade your existing van to work more efficiently, book a consultation with a Syncro racking centre. Thirty years of van racking experience are at your disposal to design the perfect personal solution for your needs!

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