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“All we need is body liners”

This is something our installers often hear from potential customers. On the surface, it seems a pretty simple request but, in reality, fitting effective liners is essential, whether you need to keep your cargo compartment free for carrying bulky material and equipment or intend to fit racking and accessories at a later date.

Why are liners so important?

First of all, protecting your van’s thin bodywork panels prevents damage and extends its life and functionality. But that’s not all. Here are more key benefits: 

  • Fitting a floor liner creates a more even and stable floor. Thanks to their non-slip surfaces, Syncro floor liners also minimise the risk of slipping and falling.

  • Wall lining panels stop cargo hitting the walls and causing dents and scratches.

  • Syncro floor and wall liners are designed to provide rigid support and fixing points for racking and accessories without having to drill the original bodywork. So, if you intend to sell your van in future, you can remove the racking and liners, leaving your van looking “as new” and maximising its re-sale value.

  • Syncro liners make your van look that much more attractive and professional!

A Master owned by a road lighting company: plenty of safe and protected cargo space

The Renault Master shown on this page is owned by a company that installs lighting and safety systems along roads and motorways. The intended use of the van is to transport electric power cabinets and similar bulky items of equipment. 
The customer specified the following requirements: 

  • The cargo compartment had to be left completely free.

  • All interior surfaces had to be thoroughly protected.

  • Efficient lighting had to be provided inside and outside the van.

  • Versatile and compact cargo retaining systems had to be provided.

The Master’s liners and accessories

The floor of this Master is protected by a super-strong, marble-look plywood floor liner formed by assembling, pressing and bonding 9 plies of birch wood with water-repellent phenolic adhesive. The marble-look surface is not only highly slip-resistant but is amazingly easy to clean. This floor surface always looks great thanks to a marble agglomerate pattern that does not show up small scratches or the dirt that inevitably accumulates over a working day. 
The wall and door liners are all made from aluminium tread plate, giving the van interior a striking appearance and providing an excellent level of protection. 
The only other items of equipment provided are cargo retaining accessories. Specially milled aluminium rails have been fitted at two heights on the side walls and on the bulkhead, for use with hooks and straps to secure cargo of all shapes and sizes.

Internal and external lighting

To satisfy the customer’s last request, Syncro fitted this road lighting company’s Master with the following lighting accessories

  • LED interior ceiling lights

  • Two fixed spot lights and a rotating beacon with spiral cables, located on the van’s roof at the rear doors, and used for illuminating the work area and warning road users of the presence of the van at the side of the road.