A spacious MAN TGE fitted out for a systems installer

A MAN TGE transformed into a mobile workshop for installing photovoltaic systems

The van seen in the photos on this page is an L3H3 version of the MAN TGE, a particularly large van in terms of length and width and therefore a great starting point for transformation into a mobile workshop. Syncro System racking and expertise has done the rest!

The vehicle’s owners install and maintain photovoltaic systems and need to carry on board the vast amount of equipment, tools, spares and materials required to install and put into service solar panels on roofs and other building surfaces. In addition to installing racking on both sides of this MAN TGE, Syncro also fitted a number of compact but extremely practical accessories and a roof rack with a ladder slide.

Protect your van. Always fit liners!

In a large van like this, used to install photovoltaic systems, you can imagine that a great deal of equipment has to be carried, not only in the racking along to the sides, but in the middle of the floor too, where it can be secured by hooks and lashing straps. And the more equipment is loaded into the van, and the more people climb aboard and walk around, the more damage unprotected bodywork is likely to receive. That, in a nutshell, is why it is so essential to protect your van against damage from wear and falling objects. This MAN TGE has been fitted with a tough plywood floor panel and steel sheet wall panelling. On request, Syncro can also line your van’s doors, bulkhead, ceiling and wheel arches.

Everything to hand thanks to a complete racking solution from Syncro System

The entire left side of this MAN TGE for installing photovoltaic systems has been fitted out as storage for tools and spares.

  • There are two floor-level compartments, one enclosed by a lift-up door, the other equipped with a shuttle-type case transport system.
  • Higher up are six metal drawers (one of Syncro’s most popular products) with non-slip mats and internal space dividers. Two metal case trays occupy the space directly above the first column of these.
  • The remainder of the left side is occupied by eight configurable shelves with non-slip mats and dividers (another Syncro best-seller).
  • At the top is a full-length tray with a door at the rear, for carrying long objects.

The right side of the MAN TGE: everything in perfect order thanks to Syncro’s patented ultra-compact storage system!

The racking on the right of the van has been kept as compact as possible. Though it occupies the entirety of the wall, it extends no further into the floor than the wheel arch, leaving plenty of room to move around in the middle of the van. There is an impressive total of thirty transparent plastic containers on this wall, 24 of the tilting type plus a row of 6 pull-out containers at the top. Each container comes with a central divider so that, if required, a total of 60 separate storage compartments are available to carry the same number of spares, consumables and hardware items.

Why add Syncro accessories to your van?

The Syncro System catalogue contains a vast number of accessories for all kinds of purpose, for securing cargo, cleaning, interior and exterior lighting, security, ventilation and more besides. Adding accessories is not a matter of whim. They play a fundamental role in keeping your van tidy and making it more practical to use. This MAN TGE is equipped with:

  • four spray can racks and one silicone cartridge rack on the left-side racking
  • a cable holder and a Syncroblock slider bar with hooks and straps on the bulkhead
  • a bar rack with plastic clips, also on the bulkhead
  • three LED ceiling lights for illuminating the interior

Even more space inside this MAN TGE thanks to its roof rack

The transformation of your van does not have to stop with the cargo compartment. You can make the most of the roof too with a custom-made roof transport system. Syncro System roof racks are safe and extremely silent on the road thanks to the unique Ultrasilent profile, which reduces noise and vibration to an absolute minimum.

This MAN TGE is equipped with a single ladder slide that eliminates needless effort and risk during loading and unloading thanks to a damped descent system and gas spring assisted lifting. The roof rack and ladder slide combination is extremely silent on the road thanks to the exclusive ULTRASILENT profile.

Ask Syncro System to transform your own MAN TGE!

If you use a MAN TGE for your work, ask Syncro System to design a fully customised racking solution for you. Many other MAN TGE owners have already done so and have found complete satisfaction. If you would like to see other racking solutions that Syncro has installed in the MAN TGE, take a look here. For solutions designed especially for photovoltaic system installers, browse this section of our website.





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